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a small house mouse creating a mighty mess along the floor in a beaumont texas home

How The Common House Mouse Can Cause Texas-Sized Problems

September 20, 2019

Mice are tiny quiet creatures; can they cause that many problems? We'll answer some common questions that often come up regarding mice invasions. How much do you know about these little rodents and the issues they can cause? Mice are a common pest problem in Texas, but they're also a more serious problem than you might imagine. ...

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a rat crawling inside of a home in southeast texas

Problems Rodents Cause For Homeowners

June 10, 2019

It is never a good day when you find out your home has a rodent infestation. For some, this moment comes at night, when you are about to fall asleep and are jolted to attention by the sounds of pitter-pattering footsteps in the ceiling. For others, this moment may come when you see your cat dart across the room after a mouse....

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