Why Wasps, Hornets, And Yellow Jackets Swarm Around Certain Homes And Yards


They say that everything happens for a reason, so it is only natural to assume there is a reasonable explanation for why wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets are swarming around specific properties at this time of year. Is this something you have wondered about? If so, we are here to answer this question today to help you determine whether or not your Texas property is at risk of a stinger infestation.

Why Summer Brings Extra 'Stingers'

Although it is true that due to our warm weather in Texas, stinging insects, like wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets, are year-round pests; they do get worse at this time of year. We call this stinger season; a time when many different 'stingers' multiply and establish new colonies in different locations. Summer is when your property is at the highest risk of drawing these unwanted stinging pests. The only question is, is your property at risk?

Factors That Lead 'Stingers' To Infest/Swarm Onto Properties

Despite there being a wide variety of different stinging insects here in Texas, they are mostly all attracted to the same things; most commonly - sweets and meats.
You have likely heard of stinging insects harvesting sweet pollen from flowers but did you know that they enjoy other sugary foods and drinks as well? This means that open can of Coke can be just as appealing to flying wasps as a patch of flowers is.
On top of sweets, many stinging insects also feed on protein to survive mainly consisting of other insects. However, most wasps will not turn down a dropped piece of steak forgotten after your summer cookout.

Why Call The Bugsperts If Your Home Fits The Criteria For Stinging Insects

If you are worried that your property may be attractive to unwanted 'stingers' you may want to consider the benefits of a professional pest control company today. Here at Bill Clark Bugsperts, we have the long-lasting stinging insect treatments your property needs to stay wasp, hornet, and yellow jacket free this summer. All you have to do is give us a call.

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