September 24, 2021

Why Do Mosquitoes In Conroe Bite?

Even the great state of Texas is no match for mosquitoes. Try as we might to stop them, they just keep coming… But we are Texans and we don’t know how to quit. Bill Clark Pest Control is on the front lines of the fight to keep our families safe from mosquito-borne diseases.

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Types Of Mosquitoes In Texas

There are 85 known types of mosquitoes in Texas, but only six that we should be concerned with in Conroe, including:

  • Asian Tiger Mosquito: This is a small dark mosquito with white stripes. They are strongly attracted to humans but will feed on your pets also. They bite during the day and are active year-round, breeding in trees, plants, and containers.

  • Eastern Saltmarsh Mosquito- These are medium-sized, golden mosquitoes. They prefer animals, but will also prey on birds and are most active at twilight during the spring and fall. As their name suggests, eastern saltmarsh mosquitoes breed in brackish saltwater.

  • Southern House Mosquito- This mosquito is also medium sized but brown color. They feed primarily on birds but will also bite people. They are most active at night and in the early morning and breed in polluted waters and containers. 

  • Dark Rice Field Mosquito- This is a large dark brown mosquito with a painful bite. They primarily feed on livestock and are active throughout the day but increase their activity in the early morning and late afternoon. These mosquitoes are strong fliers and breed in grassy fields and pastures that flood.

  • Western Encephalitis Mosquito- These mosquitoes are black with a white band on its proboscis. They are attracted to birds and animals and most active in the few hours after sunset. They breed in any standing water.

  • Upland Floodwater Mosquito- This medium light brown mosquito has white bands on the abdomen. They bite at anytime, but in the daylight prefer shady areas. They breed in temporary water sources such as ditches and potholes.

All six of these little pests can cause a whole lot of problems if the population goes unchecked. Nature has provided us with a natural defense against mosquitos in the form of bats and spiders, however, most of us can’t get too excited about those creatures either. That's why Bill Clark Pest Control provides the perfect solution.

The Mosquito Diet

No, this isn’t some fad diet, where you sprinkle dried mosquitos on your food. That would be disgusting by the way. The mosquitoes diet doesn’t only consist of your blood. As a matter-of-fact only the breeding females eat blood. Others feed off nectar, aphid honeydew, and plant juices making mosquitoes some of nature's important pollinators. Developing mosquitoes will feed on the algae and microorganisms found in the water where they hatch.

Mama Mosquito

When a female mosquito is ready to breed, she needs to prepare her body by feeding it proteins and amino acids that are found in your blood. This is the only way she will be able to produce eggs. Every time a mosquito bites you, she is then capable of reproducing 100 eggs. Isn't that just lovely? This occurs about every three days, then she dies leaving behind approximately 500 eggs. Can you imagine if they lived longer?

The Best Way To Protect Your Family

Mosquitoes are carriers and spreaders of many very dangerous diseases such as West Nile virus, dengue fever, Lyme disease, and the Zika virus. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you cannot contract these exotic-sounding diseases here on Texas soil. They are here! Educate yourself on IMM (integrated mosquito management). The Texas Mosquito Control Association website has lots of information on this comprehensive approach to keep your family safe and healthy. The best way to protect your family is by having Bill Clark Pest Control provide a specialized mosquito prevention service on your Conroe property. We will be happy to explain how it works and give you a free estimate. Call us today to find out more.


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