April 16, 2020

Why Can't I Keep Silverfish Out Of My Montgomery Home?

During the spring, many pests spring into action around Montgomery. It can be difficult to control the various bugs and rodents trying to get inside your home. One pest you might not notice right away is the silverfish. These are small silver insects that can fit through tiny spaces and hide in dark corners of your home. How can you protect yourself from these pests? Here’s some advice for keeping silverfish away from your home this spring.

silverfish crawling on shower wall

How And Why Do Silverfish Get In Homes?

Silverfish can get into your home quite easily. They are long and skinny bugs that can fit through tiny cracks and holes in the exterior of your home. To keep them out, check for cracks in the exterior of your home, tears in your screens, and uncovered vents. Once silverfish do get inside, they are excellent hiders. They will find dark and less occupied areas of your house such as closets, basements, and attics. They’ll find moist, dark areas to hide and you may not see silverfish until they’ve been in your house for weeks.
They come in, searching for shelter and food. Silverfish eat starches that can be found in paper and fabric. If you have stacks of old newspapers, improperly stored books, chests of clothes, or other papers and cloth lying around, you may be attracting silverfish.

Are Silverfish Dangerous?

So what’s the big deal with silverfish? Though they look scary, with silver, scale-like skin, lots of legs, and long antenna, they are actually not dangerous. Silverfish aren’t aggressive and don’t bite humans. They also aren’t associated with any dangerous diseases or bacteria that can be transmitted to humans. However, silverfish can cause significant property damage. As mentioned above, they will eat old papers and cloth. They may also damage furniture, wallpaper, curtains, carpet, and more. They are also considered a nuisance since they can be frightening and uncomfortable. But they may also attract other pests that eat. If you’ve seen a silverfish in your home, the best plan of action is to get rid of it.

How Can You Keep Silverfish Out Of Your Home?

How do you keep silverfish away if they can fit into such small spaces? Start by checking the exterior of your home for holes and cracks and fill them in. Also, repair any damaged siding and screens. 
For optimal prevention, contact Bill Clark Pest Control. We can help you inspect your home for entry points and attracting factors. We’ll then work with you to create a treatment plan for long-term silverfish prevention. If silverfish are already in your home, we’ll help you identify hiding places. We’ll also eliminate these pests before they can cause any more damage to your home and your belongings. 
Silverfish can be incredibly difficult to get rid of. They’re excellent at hiding and they multiply quickly. But you don’t need to fight them alone! Call the experts at Bill Clark Pest Control for pest solutions that actually work.


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