February 17, 2021

Why Are There Ants In My Montgomery Home?

Since ants are so tiny and frequently around, people tend to view them as harmless, nuisance pests. This is a huge misconception; these bugs are small, but mighty. They are capable of a whole lot more than just aggravating Montgomery homeowners. 

a swarm of fire ants on a sand hill

On their skin are countless spores of bacteria that can lead to major health issues in humans. Additionally, various species have a mad bite. A few have the ability to wreck property. There are numerous dire outcomes that you don’t want to take a chance with. Start reading now to learn more about local ants, their risks factors, and how they get inside domiciles to begin with. Also, discover how you can prevent them with help from Bill Clark Pest Control.

What Ants Are Common in Montgomery? What Are the Dangers?

Pharaoh, fire, carpenter, and crazy ants are dominant in the area. Pharaoh ants are about 0.12 of an inch long, if not less. Red or black abdominal marks garnish their yellow-brown bodies. Shelter, food, and moisture is what they’re searching for if they enter your abode. They will build nests or settle in pantries, food packages, and pipe chases. A chief infestation sign is spotting their amber-colored workers.
Fire ants range in size from 0.06 to 0.20 of an inch long. These reddish-brown pests have black stingers at the bottom of their frames. Usually, they’ll stay outside because they thrive in warmth under the sun. You’ll find them assembling in landscaping material, grass sod, and plants. They are known for making noticeable mounds in dirt and soil. Occasionally, they’ll walk off a lawn and creep indoors. Beware; their bites can cause allergic reactions or skin irritation. The bumps that will surface will be red, itchy, burning, and leave a scar. Seek medical attention if you start sweating or feeling nauseous. 
Carpenter ants are some of the largest around, as they’re 0.25 to 0.50 of an inch long. While most are black, they come in many shades. You could stumble across one that’s yellow, red, brown, reddish-black, tan, or orange. Their swarmers have wings. These insects are a hazard because they forge tunnels and form nests in wood. The results are deteriorated trees, logs, and lumber. For homes, it’s wobbly foundations and cosmetic damage. Infestation symptoms are swarmers, hearing noises behind walls, hollow structures, and finding wood shavings.
Crazy ants are moderate in size, and are brown, red-brown, or gold in color. Their bodies are hairy, yet shiny. Their name stems from their irregular and fast movement. They can spray formic acid to blind and kill their prey. If they reach super colony levels they can become a severe threat to children, the elderly and pets.For the health and safety of your home and family, call the experts at Bill Clark Pest Control today !

What Can Be Done to Prevent Montgomery Ants?

Ants don’t have to struggle to enter your residence. They can crawl through holes the size of a needle-point. Given their reproduction rates, a take over can happen in a short timeframe. It’s best to utilize preventative methods:

  • Seal gaps in utilities, windows, doors, and foundations. You can attempt to use caulk.
  • Place greenery and wood two feet or more away from your property. 
  • Don’t allow free wood to touch soil on your property. 
  • Always use secure storage containers for food and garbage.
  • Routinely clean the kitchen, and wash countertops and dishes.
  • Regularly take out the trash, and vacuum all areas.

What Will Bill Clark Pest Control Do About Montgomery Ants?

You’re guaranteed high quality care when you collaborate with our team at Bill Clark Pest Control. Our managers and technicians have state industry licenses. This means they have the credentials and skills to find all spider nests and apply our efficient treatments. None of our solutions are threatening to humans, domestic animals, or land. When you call today, you’ll receive a free inspection!


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