April 22, 2021

Which Smells Keep Mosquitoes In Conroe Away? 

Conroe is one of the best places on earth to have a great outdoor space. In football country, it’s great to have a big yard for pickup games and an outdoor deck for barbecuing while you watch the game on TV. However, mosquitoes seem to always get in the way of our outdoor fun, which makes many Conroe homeowners jump at the chance to find a solution. Before you believe everything the Internet says, though, it’s best to get the facts (especially when it concerns one of the most dangerous animals on the planet). 

a  mosquito biting the skin on a human hand

Texas-Sized Health Hazards

That’s right. While mosquitoes can be one of the biggest nuisances on our properties, they’re also one of the deadliest animals on the planet. Since mosquitoes feed on all sorts of warm-blooded mammals, they can transfer diseases from victim to victim. While malaria is under control in the United States, mosquitoes are still responsible for a variety of dangerous diseases here, such as the Zika virus, West Nike virus, dengue fever, and eastern equine encephalitis. 
Unfortunately, these diseases are relatively common. It’s estimated that one in every three hundred mosquito bites results in disease transmission, which is why they’re responsible for over a million deaths around the world each year. 
If you think that you can just swat mosquitoes away and avoid incurring a dangerous disease, you should think again. Female mosquitoes (which are the only ones that feed on human blood) feature a numbing substance on the end of their feeding tubes that numbs your skin as they feed. This can make you unaware of the bite and allows them to feed for longer periods of time. The longer they feed on you, the higher your chance of incurring a dangerous disease becomes.

Prevention Tricks That Actually Work

If you’re tired of being attacked by mosquitoes while you’re on the go, keep in mind that mosquitoes are attracted to the following:

  • Type O blood
  • Dark clothing
  • Heavily scented shampoos/perfumes
  • Avoiding outside activity at dawn and dusk can help reduce your chances of mosquito bites.

When attempting to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard, you may be drawn to using essential oils. While not all of these work, certain scents like lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, and cinnamon oil can be effective. For the best results, you’ll want to mix these oils in with water or another neutralizing agent in order to create a spray.

Since mosquitoes can breed in a half-inch of standing water, which is why they can get a foothold on your property so easily, you’ll want to spray any standing water as a repellant. Dumping the water out of items like wheelbarrows, flowerpots, and lawn ornaments after a rainstorm can also reduce your chances of a mosquito infestation, but your chances are still frustratingly high. 
Unfortunately, the only way to break the breeding cycle and ensure that larvae don’t survive is to treat the standing water with professional solutions. Your essential oils may prove effective for a time, but, chances are, mosquitoes are going to come back stronger than ever if the main issue isn’t addressed.

If your standing water isn’t treated professionally, you or your family’s chances of incurring a dangerous disease are higher. With harmful health hazards on the line, is it really worth the risk? For more mosquito-prevention advice or for mosquito control for your property, contact the professionals at Bill Clark Pest Control today. We are standing by to help.


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