Where Did These Bed Bugs In My Beaumont Home Come From?

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One second, you’re happily sleeping through the night surrounded by soft blankets and pillows. The next, you’re waking up covered in itchy red bumps. And you keep having dreams about tiny bugs crawling over you… Bed bugs are nightmarish pests that attack when you’re most vulnerable: at night. Though bed bugs aren’t considered dangerous pests, they’re still frustrating and difficult to deal with. Find out where these bugs come from and how they get into Beaumont homes.

How Do Bed Bugs Get Around?

Bed bugs travel with people. There’s a common misconception that bed bugs only appear in dirty, dingy, uncared-for places. But that just isn’t true. Bed bugs can be found anywhere that humans are. They travel in luggage, in bedding, in clothing, even in furniture. They hide in soft, dark, moist areas and come out at night in search of a blood meal. Some people may have an allergic reaction to bed bug bites. For most people, these bites are itchy and can lead to sleepless nights and unnecessary stress.

Prevent Picking Up Bed Bugs When Traveling

Bed bugs are commonly picked up during travel. Hotels, hostels, airports, and transportation stations are all bed bug hotspots. Here are some tips to avoid taking bed bugs home with you as a souvenir.

  • Don’t open your luggage on the floor; use the luggage stand or a wooden coffee table or desk.
  • Check the mattress and pillows for dark stains, blood stains, or shed bits of bed bugs.
  • Check for these bed bug signs at the edges of the carpet, inside drawers, and in furniture.
  • After traveling, wash your clothes in hot water as soon as you bring them inside.
  • Check your bag for any signs of bugs before storing it.

Prevent Bed Bugs From Your Home

You don’t need to travel to find bed bugs. You can also get them brought to your house by guests. Or you can accidentally bring bed bugs into your own home from buying infested furniture or clothing. Here are some tips for avoiding this:

  • Inspect your guest rooms and the furniture in your living spaces frequently, whether or not you have guests. The sooner you can identify bed bugs, the better.
  • After guests have left, inspect the room for signs of bed bugs and wash the bedding in hot water.
  • When you buy used furniture, inspect it carefully for dark stains, small bugs, or shed bits of bug. Don’t buy furniture if it looks like it might have bugs in it.
  • If you’re worried that something you bought has bed bugs, don’t bring it into your home. Leave it outside somewhere protected, like the porch, garage, or a shed, until Bill Clark Pest Control can send experts to check it for bed bugs.

Eliminating Bed Bugs

When bed bugs get into your home, your best solution is to reach out for help. Here at Bill Clark Pest Control, we have the experience necessary to identify bed bugs and the scope of their infestation. We have the tools we need to conduct a thorough treatment plan that targets bed bugs at all stages of maturity in every infested room in your home. No matter where the bed bugs came from, we can get rid of them for you.

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