October 17, 2019

When Will These Flies Leave Beaumont?

a flie among ment house flies resting on the wooden kitch table in a beaumont texas home

Here in Beaumont, Texas, there are four species of common home-invading flies:

  • House flies: These large flies are dull gray in color, often with darker stripes across their faces and bodies.
  • Fruit flies: Fruit flies are small, oval, and usually have large red eyes, (their eyes may occasionally be brown or black). They have brown or tan bodies and translucent wings.
  • Drain flies: These flies are small and don’t fly very well. Their bodies are gray in color and have large, horizontal wings that are covered in fuzzy hairs.
  • Bottle flies: Bottle flies are slightly larger than house flies and are often metallic blue, green, bronze, or black in color.

Where can flies be found?

Most fly species are found around food sources and sources of standing water. Outdoors, flies may congregate around clogged gutters, garbage bins, compost piles, carcasses, and feces. Once flies get into a Beaumont property, they can be found in kitchens, around drains, behind wall voids, or in pantries. Each fly species has a different preference for which areas they like to feed, live, and breed. Bottle flies are often found around decaying meat, drain flies will eat and mate inside the drains of bathtubs and sinks, fruit flies can be found infesting fruits, and house flies will buzz aimlessly around your house.  

Do flies cause problems?

While you might be aware that flies are a major nuisance when they infest your Beaumont property, do you also know that flies are considered dangerous pests? Home-invading flies are known to transmit at least 65 harmful diseases, many of which are serious health concerns for you and your family. A few of the diseases flies spread are typhoid fever, conjunctivitis, dysentery, salmonella, and cholera. Flies have the potential to spread diseases every time they land on counter surfaces, food items, and food-prep areas.

Fly Prevention Tips

To prevent the spread of disease on your Beaumont property, fly prevention is crucial. A few ways you can make your home or business less attractive to flies and other pests include:

  • Storing leftovers in airtight containers.
  • Sealing your trash cans and storing them away from your exterior walls.
  • Replacing torn window and door screens.  
  • Cleaning up food and drink spills immediately.
  • Keeping pet food stored in plastic containers.
  • Removing water sources from your property.
  • Installing weather stripping around doors and windows.

Fly prevention tips aren’t always a complete solution. While you can purchase fly traps from less than $5 to over $100, nothing beats the peace of mind you can get when you partner with the pest experts here at Bill Clark Pest Control. Contact us today to learn more about how we treat fly infestations so you can rest easy living in a fly-free home.


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