When Fruit Flies Appear From Thin Air In Your Beaumont Home

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Over 300 years ago, there was an Italian physician named Francesco Redi. You may have heard his name before in school—most likely in biology class. He was the man who studied flies that seemingly appeared from nowhere on pieces of meat. Even today, when tiny flies like fruit flies appear inside of homes, it can seem like they came out of thin air. Today, we will be getting to the bottom of where these flies are coming from and some practical ways you can stop them.

Where Do Fruit Flies Come From

Back in the 1600s, when Redi did his research on spontaneous generation, he found something fascinating. When the meat that was spawning flies was contained in a glass jar, no flies appeared, but when the glass jar was left open, flies showed up. This is because the larvae that flies lay onto meat, and in the case of fruit flies, fruit, are microscopic—making it seem as if the flies appear from thin air.


Fruit flies lay eggs onto overly ripened fruit, and occasionally on vegetables as well. These eggs are invisible to the naked eye but do eventually hatch into the tiny pests. The eggs are often laid on fruits and vegetables at the store before you bring them home. Then once fruit flies start spawning in your house, they will seek out more fruits and vegetables on which to lay their eggs and reproduce more.

How You Can Prevent Fruit Flies

Luckily, preventing fruit flies from taking over your kitchen is relatively easy. When you bring home fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables, wash them off thoroughly. This will remove any clinging eggs and reduce your chances of starting a fruit fly infestation. Also, be careful not to let fruits or vegetables ripen for too long. 


If your home has a small active fruit fly infestation, you might be able to treat them on your own by eliminating their spawn points such as rotting fruits and vegetables, and by placing around fruit fly traps.


For more severe fruit fly infestations, it is advised you get a professional involved. Here at Bill Clark Pest Control, we make getting fruit flies out of your home easy for you. No extra hassle, no long wait times, just one phone call and we will have one of our team members out your way. To learn more about how we treat for fruit flies, or to schedule treatments for your home, reach out to us today.

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