November 12, 2020

What You Ought To Know About The Dangers Of Mice In Your Beaumont Home

No matter how much you like mice in cartoons, you probably don’t want them in your home. But do you know the actual dangers of mice in Beaumont? Find out what it is that makes mice such dangerous house guests.

a mouse crawling in the food in the garbage

Mice In Beaumont

If you live in Beaumont, you could come across the house mouse. This mouse is usually grayish and has a cream-colored belly. However, the fur color can range from light brown to dark gray. With a pointed muzzle and large ears, the house mouse isn’t hard to identify. Out of all the home-invading pests in Beaumont, the house mouse is one of the most prevalent. They often make their way inside homes as they search for food, water, and warmth.

The Dangers Of Mice

Mice can keep you from sleeping and make your house appear dirtier than it actually is. But those inconveniences are nothing compared to some of the other dangers that come with mice infestations. There are many health risks associated with mice, and all of those risks put your household in danger. Throughout the world, mice spread diseases directly and indirectly. When you touch mice feces, saliva, or urine, you could become ill with a mouse-borne disease. Furthermore, a bite from a mouse has the potential to spread disease. Mice can also transmit diseases by bringing parasites into your home. By bringing fleas, ticks, and mites into your home, mice make you vulnerable to a long list of diseases.

Fire Danger

There’s another hidden danger that comes from a mouse infestation. To satisfy their need for chewing, mice can gnaw on wires and other building materials. As they do, they make your home vulnerable to fire. When mice expose the wires, those wires have the potential to short and spark a fire. If you want to keep your home safe, you need to act quickly.

Getting Rid Of Mice

Once you have a mouse in your home, you have a serious problem. While one mouse can’t do much damage on its own, these pests reproduce at a rapid rate. What was once one or two mice could become hundreds of mice. Typically, mice come out at night and hide in your walls, attic, and basement in the daytime. They are difficult to see, which makes them almost impossible to catch. No matter how many traps you set, you may not be able to catch all the mice in your home. And until you eliminate every single mouse, you’ll continue to have a problem. Even eliminating all the mice won’t resolve your pest problem. If you have the slightest crevices or holes in your home, new mice can find their way inside. Although you can inspect your home for openings and seal them up, there’s no way to guarantee that mice can’t find an entrance.

Unfortunately, all of these challenges make DIY mouse control nearly impossible. Most homeowners turn to DIY methods to save money, but they end up spending more in the long run. Between supplies and repairs for pest damage, you may pay more money than you would have on pest control. It’s crucial to get the job done the right way.

Getting Help From A Professional

You probably go to great lengths to protect your family from burglars and other threats. So why not protect them from the dangers of mice? When you work with a professional, you can prevent and eliminate mice. You take one step closer to being pest-free. For total mouse or rodent control, contact the professionals at Bill Clark Pest Control. We’re ready to protect your home.


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