March 26, 2020

What Termite Season Means For Your Beaumont Home

What is a termite swarmer?

When a termite colony reaches maturity, the queen begins to develop female and male alates. These are winged termites that will gather into a swarm, mate with each other, and pair off to form new nests. They are the only termites in a colony that you're likely to ever see. Queens and kings stay in the heart of their colonies underneath the ground or in nests that have been developed inside wood. Workers and soldiers travel in tunnels under the ground and inside wood, rarely exposing themselves to the air, or especially to light. They live their entire lives in darkness. Swarmers are drawn to light, and they don't get dried out when they're exposed to the air. So you could see these termites crawling on your home this spring.

termite swarmers around home

Should I be worried if I see swarmers on my Beaumont home?

If you see lots of termite swarmers on your home, it is definitely cause for concern. The appearance of swarmers, even on the outside of a home, is an indication of a mature termite nest somewhere nearby. This is because termites don't swarm for more than about 30 minutes, and they don't travel far from the nest they were released from. Often, a nest will be located on the property where the swarmers are seen or somewhere close by. That means termite workers may already be feeding on your home.

How bad are termites?

Termites cost U.S. property owners more than $5 billion annually. But the damage caused by termites happens over time. If you detect them early, you can prevent extensive damage to your home. The problem is that termites are extremely difficult to detect. Even swarmers are elusive as a warning sign. Swarmers can be released from a ground nest and break off into pairs in the time it takes you to run to the convenience store for a bag of chips. When you get home, you may only find a few white wings scattered around.

Detecting Termites

If you want to find termites on your own, you need to know what to look for and where to look. Here are some tips:

Search dark locations, such as voids underneath external structures or in the crawlspace under your home, if you have one. In these areas, look for mud tubes on hard surfaces.

Search damp locations. In areas of dampness, where wood is close to the ground or touching it, you may find termite damage. This damage will look like trenches carved into wood.

Search spider webs. When termite swarmers mate and shed their wings, the wind can carry those wings away and scatter them around. Spider webs are nature's sticky traps. They're a great place to look for wings.

Search the ground. If you have a reason to dig up soil underneath mulch, rocks, or landscaping, be sure to keep an eye out for pale insects crawling around.

Professional Termite Control

The best way to detect termites and actively work to eliminate attacking colonies is to have Bill Clark Pest Control install termite protection for your Beaumont home. There is no guesswork involved. Our licensed termite control professionals use the most trusted products to make detection and elimination 100 percent. Reach out to us today for assistance with this important protection for your Beaumont home.


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