Three Sure Signs Your Beaumont Home Has Bed Bugs

bed bug and larvae

The worst pest infestations are the ones that grow out of control before the signs are even apparent. Bed bugs can sometimes do this, as homeowners often don’t know they have a problem until they spot the bite marks these parasites leave behind. Learning how to spot the early signs, as well as why it’s important to turn to professionals early, will help keep your home protected.

Bed Bug Traits & Behaviors

Bed bugs are nocturnal parasites that feed on the blood of large animals, including people. While they are incredibly small, they can be spotted by the naked eye, especially on light-colored cloth or fabric. While people tend to only think of bed bugs in terms of where they gather inside a home, you probably don’t realize that bed bugs can be carried in on infested items, like used furniture or clothing bought second-hand.

What To Know About Bed Bug Bites

Because they can get around in unforeseen ways and infest a variety of household items, the first sign of a bed bug problem is often the itchy bites that they leave behind. It’s gross to think about, but these parasitic bugs feast on people and pets while they are asleep. That’s why it’s important to know all the reasons to act fast. Besides the itchy welts, all of the following can be associated with bed bug bites:

  • Infections: While bed bugs themselves don’t carry diseases or bacteria, repeated scratching of the welts they leave behind can cause an infection.
  • Stains: Open wounds and bed bugs that void their blood sacs can both cause red staining on bedding or furniture.
  • Insomnia: Whether it’s the thought of sleeping in an infested bed or the nightmare scenarios that can run through your head about parasitic pests, plenty of people have lost a night’s sleep after learning they have bed bugs.

Signs of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs aren’t really appropriately named. While they certainly are known for infesting mattresses and box springs, bed bugs can thrive in a number of household locations. In addition to other cushioned furniture like sofas, chairs, and ottomans, bed bugs can infest articles of clothing, packaging containers, and even rugs and curtains. That’s why it’s important to be on the lookout for signs of a bed bug population everywhere, not just in your bedroom:

  • Bites: Again, people often have to get bitten before they realize they’ve got a pest problem. Unless you’re frequently taking a magnifying glass to all your household fabrics, chances are these tiny, red welts will be your first clue.
  • Stains: In the absence of bites on yourself, stains left behind on linens after blood feedings can also act as sure evidence of a problem.
  • Eggs: Spotting bed bugs is hard enough. but spotting their pepper-like eggs is even harder. They are often found on the undersides of items, hidden from the light.

Act Fast For Proper Bed Bug Control

Bed bug infestations aren’t a problem that you should try to deal with on your own. For one, the problem has likely grown for weeks before you even noticed it, meaning the populations could have spread much further than the immediate areas you suspect. For another, bed bug elimination is about killing a wide variety of organisms, from the mature adults to their unhatched eggs. At-home methods simply won’t cut it, so it’s best to not even waste your time. Instead, turn directly to the local experts who can get rid of the problem quickly and discreetly. At Bill Clark Pest Control, our friendly staff knows all the tips and tricks for how to spot the signs of bed bugs. We can implement the right solution for your property and, more importantly, follow up with you so that it never has to be a concern again.

Don’t let parasitic bed bugs turn you into a nighttime pincushion, act today to get started on total pest protection.

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