May 28, 2020

The Truth About Carpenter Bees In Conroe

One type of pest that many people are rather afraid of are bees. The fact that bees and similar insects such as hornets and wasps can sting people makes them scary. While most of the time bees aren’t as dangerous as you might think, they can pose some health risks, especially to people who are allergic.

a carpenter bee making a nest in a fence

For people in Conroe, dealing with any type of pests in their home or business can be annoying, but bees can seem particularly frightening to deal with and get rid of. While bees are beneficial in some ways and mostly just a small health risk occasionally, carpenter bees are a problem in other ways because this species can destroy property. While this species isn’t very aggressive, the fact that they cause property damage makes them a troublesome pest. 
It’s important to know what a carpenter bee looks like in order to tell if you are dealing with them or another species. Here are their characteristics:

  • They have large abdomens that are a black color.
  • They have coloring that’s similar to bumblebees, but they are not fuzzy all over.
  • They don’t have black and yellow stripes like a bumblebee.
  • They have fuzzy heads but not fuzzy bodies.

Pros And Cons Of Carpenter Bees

One of the good things about carpenter bees is that they aren’t very aggressive. This means you don’t have to worry so much about them stinging you like you would with wasps or hornets. However, they can sting, if provoked, but this is rare and only the females can sting. 
The other positive thing about carpenter bees is that they pollinate. This is very important for the ecosystem and environment. Without bees to pollinate plants, many things in the ecosystem would collapse. This is important for us to have food! 
However, there are some cons to carpenter bees, too. While their nests are a minor concern overall, they can cause allergic reactions in some cases. The main issue with carpenter bees is that they nest in wood and can damage wooden structures around your home.

How To Identify A Carpenter Bee Problem

Carpenter bees will return to the same place year after year. This means they can be hard to get rid of since you might think they are gone for good, but then they come back again. This means that these bees can continue to weaken the structures they are nesting in over the years.
While sometimes a carpenter bee infestation will be obvious, there are other times where you might not be able to tell. There are some signs you can look out for. Here are the signs of a carpenter bee infestation:

  • The appearance of small holes on the side of buildings.
  • Scratching sounds that seem like they’re coming from the inside of your walls.
  • Wood shavings underneath small holes.

Protecting Your Home From Carpenter Bees

To protect your Conroe home from carpenter bees, the best thing to do is contact the professionals at Bill Clark Pest Control. We can remove carpenter bees safely and efficiently. You can also give us a call to learn more about prevention advice or assistance. With over 60 years of experience, we have the expertise you are looking for, and we want to help.


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