January 6, 2021

The Trick To Not Bringing Bed Bugs Into Your Beaumont Home

It is rather fitting that the crawling things of the earth are called pests, because they do indeed pester Beaumont homeowners, and sometimes do much worse. Their abrupt and persistent appearances are startling, and once they've frightened you, they’ll take to your possessions and ruin them. Many pests can make you very ill because they’re so germy. and several have the ability to put you in the hospital with their bites, scratches, and stings. It’s immensely stressful when a pest can get indoors easily, procreate with speed, and hide with little effort, which unfortunately applies to bed bugs.

It’s beyond challenging to control bed bugs because it’s often unclear to people how they come about. Moreover, they are repeat offenders: once you think you're rid of them, they can easily return. To say that’s an inconvenience would be an understatement. These insects fill up mattresses and will drink your blood while you’re fast asleep. You can discover how to avoid and combat them with Bill Clark Pest Control now. 

bed bug crawling on box spring

How Do Bed Bugs Get in Homes?

Contrary to popular belief, filth and dirt aren’t what compel bed bugs into homes. It’s actually blood they’re after, as the fluid helps them sustain. Thus, these critters will go where they can find an abundance of it. Animal and human spaces are the jackpot for them; public places in particular, like schools, offices, hotels, and train stations. Lots of people unknowingly have bed bugs in their clothes and personal bags when they’re out and about. The insects will travel with them home, and then can creep to the following:

  • Upholstery
  • Fabrics
  • Couches
  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Flooring
  • Wood trim
  • Wallpaper

Since bed bugs are so small, it’s possible you’ll see infestation signs before you see an actual bug. Reddish-brown smudges and blood drops will likely be on your fabrics and interior surfaces. Further, you might come across black or brown marks or powdery fragments; these particles are their fecal waste. These insects even leave a musty odor when in volume. The greatest and most overt indication is body bumps. They will be red, extremely itchy, and appear similar to a rash. The welts will be settled together as well, usually in a line. Scan your arms, legs, face, and neck for evidence of bed bug bites.

Common bed bugs are reddish-brown and 1/4 inch long. Their body parts are circular, except for their midsection, which has a strange shape: the top half is smaller than the bottom. Two antennae crown their heads, and they are surrounded by six legs. Translucent young emerge from the pearly white eggs these pervasive critters lay.

How Can Bed Bugs Be Prevented?

When you’re not at home:

  • Don’t put your bags and personal effects on the floor or ground.
  • Request another hotel room far away if you see bed bugs, and notify maintenance.
  • Put your luggage in a plastic bag or protective cover.
  • Wash your trip clothes in hot water and then dry them on high for at least 20 minutes.

While you’re at home:

  • Regularly inspect mattress seams, box springs, and headboards and footboards. Use a flashlight and look beneath beds.
  • Also examine drawer interiors, bags and purses, furniture, and laundry.
  • Check out second-hand appliances, electronics, furniture, and similar before buying them. Keep your eyes open for infestation signs.

What Can Bill Clark Pest Control Do About Bed Bugs?

Prevention methods aren’t 100% guaranteed to work with bed bugs; that’s why professional intervention by Bill Clark Pest Control is needed. Our licensed and trained technicians will safely apply our specially designed treatments to insect hot-spots. Additionally, box spring and mattress encasements will be installed. Follow-up visits and warranties are included with our services. Sleep well again — call us today for a free inspection!


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