May 4, 2021

The Secret To Getting Rid Of Centipedes In Beaumont Homes

In the tiny world of insects, some of the bugs we think of as harmless are actually some of the most formidable. Centipedes may not be directly harmful to people, but they are skilled predators that feed on other outdoor pests that may be around. This is why it’s important to understand that the real secret to getting rid of centipedes is preventing them from invading your property in the first place.

centipede in house

Are Centipedes Dangerous?

To people and pets, centipedes are the gentle giants of the outdoor world. They don’t typically bite large animals or humans and they appear to us like long, lumbering creatures. However, to other insects, centipedes are threatening tanks, with venomous fangs that can paralyze them and liquefy their insides (yuck!). While this venom isn’t potent enough to affect us, people have plenty of reasons to find centipedes gross and unwanted. Because they are mostly attracted by the presence of other pests on your property, centipedes are signs of larger problems that you need to take care of. This is why, even though they aren’t dangerous to us, centipedes are not a welcome sight in your yard.

Where Centipedes Are Found Around Properties

Centipedes don’t really have a hundred legs as their name implies, but they do have plenty of appendages they use to move their long, segmented bodies along. Their hard, rounded top shells distinguish them most from millipedes, which are often found in the same places. But where are those places specifically? These are factors centipedes look for:

  • Moisture: Centipedes prefer dark and wet places, which is why they are typically found outdoors.
  • Soil: Dirt holds plenty of moisture and groundwater to attract centipedes. They don’t eat plant matter like other garden pests, so they are most often found crawling around in soil beds.
  • Wood and rock: Not only do centipedes like to make their nests in soil with various debris for cover, but they also know that their snacks will hide underneath rocks or woodpiles. 

Centipede Prevention Tips & Tricks

Preventing any pest is about preventing the factors that attract them, which involves disrupting the food chain of pests that can be attracted for miles. This is why it’s important to get started on these types of steps long before you notice an infestation.

  • Moisture control: Not only does limiting water buildup around your property reduce an attractant for pests but addressing water can also prevent moisture damage that opens up access points for pests to get indoors.
  • Trash storage: While centipedes are carnivorous and not interested in your food waste, the pests that they eat are. This is why it’s important to not leave trash lying around or leave trash bins open or overflowing.
  • Landscaping: Strategic placement of flowerbeds and decorative plants can be crucial since those that are too close to your exterior walls provide nesting and hunting grounds that are way too close to your structures.

Let Bill Clark Pest Control Help

Because proper pest control is really about addressing all species, from large centipedes to tiny ants underground, the best form of protection for your property comes from expert assistance. At Bill Clark Pest Control, we can provide you with even more tips for how to address attractants around your property, also offering effective treatments that get rid of yard pests and prevent future problems. Let us get started on an inspection of your yard as soon as possible, so you can rest easy with total pest prevention. If centipedes or other insects are already there, recognize that only expert solutions can truly address the root of the problem. To get a handle on the big, wide world of pests, contact Bill Clark Pest Control today.


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