July 8, 2020

The Key To Effective Cockroach Prevention For Your Beaumont Property

Are cockroaches taking over your home? Even if you haven’t found roaches on your Beaumont property, it may only be a matter of time before they invade. Find out the key to cockroach prevention and keep these pests at bay.

a german cockroach crawling on a rock

What Cockroaches Live In Beaumont?

In the Beaumont area, there are many invasive species of cockroaches. Although they all are similar in appearance, they have a few key differences. All of the types have oval bodies, six spiny legs, and antennae.

  • German Cockroaches: This type of cockroach has two black stripes behind its head. Typically, they’re found in businesses, homes, and restaurants.
  • America Cockroaches: One of the most shocking cockroaches in appearance, the American cockroach is the largest of its kind. It has a figure-eight shape on the back of its head and is an excellent flier.
  • Oriental Cockroaches: Unlike most other local roaches, this species is mostly black. They are most easily identified by their foul odor. 
  • Vaga Cockroaches: Often found outside, vaga roaches are also referred to as field cockroaches. They are often confused with German roaches but can be identified by the black stripe between both eyes.

Are Local Cockroaches Dangerous?

No matter where you live, cockroaches are dangerous creatures. They walk around dirty, hazardous areas and collect bacteria as they do. When they enter your home, they bring the bacteria with them. Once inside, cockroaches look for food. This means that they walk on counters, tables, and food products. They leave behind bacteria and pathogens, which could make you or your family sick.

Cockroach Prevention Tips

By making your home less appealing to cockroaches, you may be able to keep them away. A good place to start is to declutter your home. Where there’s clutter, there are hiding spots for insects. Cockroaches are especially fond of dark and moist places, like cluttered basements and underneath kitchen counters.
Another way to deter cockroaches is to give your home a deep cleaning. While vacuuming and mopping frequently is important, you must also clean the hard-to-reach areas. Pull out your refrigerator and clean underneath it. Do the same with your oven and consider any other areas of your home that get neglected during regular cleanings.

Other Methods Of Prevention

If you don’t have accessible food, cockroaches won’t be as tempted to invade your home. Store your food in sealed containers and don’t leave food out on your counters. Additionally, keep your indoor and outdoor garbage cans sealed when they are not in use. 
Cockroaches have to come from somewhere. If they can’t get into your home easily, they might choose to find a new residence. Eliminate potential entrances by sealing up cracks in your home and holes in your screens. 
Finally, you should keep your yard clean. Much like you need to declutter the inside of your home, you must do the same for the exterior. Clean up debris piles and keep your vegetation trimmed back. If you have any junk on your property, remove it.

Working With a Professional

Because cockroaches can feed on almost anything, prevention methods don’t always work. You could keep a pristine home and still experience issues with cockroaches. They can live for a long time without eating much of anything. Therefore, cockroach control is more difficult than you might imagine.
To get real results, you need the guidance of an experienced professional. The best prevention tip is to have an on-going relationship with the professionals at Bill Clark Pest Control. Call today and learn more about how you can keep roaches away.


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