The Beginner's Guide to Scorpion Control In Montgomery


There are many pests that homeowners and business owners in Montgomery have to deal with, but one that makes people stressed out is the scorpion. Because of the fact that these pests look terrifying and the fact that they can sting, most people find them frightening. They definitely aren’t a pest that you want to find in your home or business! 

In Texas, there are many different species of scorpions, but in Montgomery, there's really only one species that is common to the area. This is the striped bark scorpion. While scorpions are sometimes thought of as desert animals that only live in hot dry environments, the striped bark scorpion is actually attracted to cool, damp, and dark areas.

Here is a brief overview of the striped bark scorpion:

  • This scorpion usually is around 2 inches long.
  • Like most other scorpions, they have a stinger at the end of their tails.
  • They also have two claw-like pincers. 
  • They are a cloudy, yellow color, and they have dark stripes running down their backs.
  • They are venomous. 
  • They are nocturnal.

How Dangerous Are Scorpions?

Many species of scorpion are venomous and their stings can be a cause for medical concern. However, how dangerous and deadly a scorpion is depends on the species. As far as the striped bark scorpion is concerned, they are venomous, and their bites are enough of a concern that you should get medical help if you are stung. However, their stings are rarely fatal. The only time these scorpions can cause medical issues severe enough to cause fatalities are when a person is severely allergic. 
You should go to a medical facility such as urgent care or a hospital, if bitten. Striped bark scorpions are dangerous pests and definitely not something you want around your family or your pets. These stings can be painful.

Where Do Scorpions Hide?

Because of the fact that scorpions are dangerous, and because they can be so unpleasant to encounter, knowing where they hide is important. By knowing where they hide, you can try to avoid them as much as possible. 
Here are just a few places that scorpions like to hide:

  • Cracks in rock walls
  • Foundation walls
  • Woodpiles
  • Tree bark or rocks
  • Garbage 
  • Construction materials 
  • Dark places in your home like basements
  • Shoes
  • Closets

Knowing these hiding places is especially important because most scorpion bites occur when people stick their hands, or other body parts, into scorpion hiding spots by accident.

Protecting Your Home From Scorpions

Protecting your home and family from scorpions is important because their stings can be painful and sometimes dangerous. If you need advice or assistance with preventing scorpions from getting into your Montgomery home, the experts at Bill Clark Pest Control can help. With over 60 years of experience, we can help prevent and eliminate scorpions in and around your home.

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