Summertime Ant Prevention For Southeast Texas Homeowners


There are many different species of ants that live across Southeast Texas, including carpenter ants, fire ants, black ants, and more. Ants often enter homes in search of food. They’ll feed from crumbs and spills in your kitchen. Ants are colonizers, which means where there is one, there are more. Here’s what this means for your Texas home and some tips to prevent an ant infestation this summer.

Summer and Ants: An Unlucky Combo

During the summer, you are likely to see more ants than during the colder months. They emerge during the spring to mate and create new colonies. They’re then drawn out by the warmth and humidity of summer. Ants are also drawn to sugars which can be found in many summer foods. The melted spills of a popsicle or sticky lemonade will attract ants. If an ant colony moves into your house or yard, it can be difficult to get rid of them. Fire ants can surprise you as you enjoy outdoor activities, and black ants can enter your home through open doors or windows and many other ways. Here are some tips for keeping ants out of your yard this summer.

Get Off My Lawn!

Battling ants can feel like a losing fight. These pests are hard to control and hard to kill. Fire ants give painful bites that can ruin any outdoor activity and make a lawn unusable. Ants inside the home, like carpenter ants, can create tunnels and troughs in the wooden structures of a home, creating costly damage. Ants can also cause electrical problems by chewing on cords.

There are some things you can do to try to keep ants out of your home and off your property. Start by keeping all food and beverages covered. Keep your kitchen clean so ants won’t find an easy banquet when they scout the area. Keep your yard clean as well, since old wood can attract carpenter ants. If ants get into your home, however, it is important to call professional pest control.

Bill Clark Bugsperts

Calling a professional pest control service, like Bill Clark Bugsperts, is always the smarter option. A pest control technician will know exactly what to look for when determining the cause of an infestation. Pest control experts can help you identify points of entry and locate the mound or nest where the ant colony lives. Professional treatment is much more effective and long-lasting than DIY ant control solutions.

Attempting to eradicate ants on your own could cause budding. This is when a colony of ants splits into two or more colonies. This could leave you with a much larger problem. A pest control technician will determine the best course of action for treatment, whether that involves baits or sprays or a combination of treatment options.

Don’t wait for ants to take over your house, or send your outdoor summer party running back indoors. Whether you’re worried about black ants, carpenter ants, rover ants, or any other species of ants, Bill Clark Bugsperts can help you have an ant-free home.

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