April 14, 2020

Secret To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Montgomery Home

If you’ve ever been bitten by a spider, you know how nerve-wracking the ordeal can be. First, you try to find out if it really was a spider that bit you. If so, what kind? Was it a dangerous spider in Montgomery?

a black widow spider crawling on a web

What happens when a spider bites you? And how can you get spiders out of your home permanently, so they never bite again? In order to answer your questions, we’ve gathered information about common spiders in Montgomery and advice on how to keep them out of your home to avoid getting bitten.

What Spiders Live In Montgomery?

Montgomery is home to many species of spiders. They vary in size, color, and even body shape. The bad news is, all spiders have fangs and are venomous to some degree. The good news is that only two species of spiders in Texas carry venom that is harmful to humans. These are black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders. Their bites may result in a rash, fever, swollen limbs, and body aches and often require medical attention.

These spiders are easy to identify because they have unique markings. Black widows have a signature red hourglass on their abdomen while brown recluse spiders have a brown violin shape on their backs. Other spiders in Montgomery may bite, but you aren’t likely to experience any symptoms other than brief pain and possible itchiness for a few days. Some spiders in the Montgomery area are grass spiders, house spiders, jumping spiders, orb weavers, and wolf spiders. Though they aren’t likely to bite and aren’t dangerous, you probably still don’t want them in your home.

What Brings Spiders Into Your Home?

Spiders mostly come into homes in search of food. They eat other bugs--so a spider infestation could actually be a sign of another pest problem. Spiders eat flies, mosquitoes, crickets, etc. Once spiders get inside, they will stay if they find an undisturbed area to build their nests and catch their prey.

How Can You Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home?

In order to prevent a spider infestation, you need to prevent any kind of pest infestation. With help from the experts at Bill Clark Pest Control, you can control the number of pests in your home throughout the year.

On your own, you can get started on spider control by checking the exterior of your home for any openings that might be allowing spiders to get inside. Check that screens aren’t torn, and place covers over vents. This will stop spiders and other pests from getting inside as easily. If you see spiders or spider webs in your home, you can use a broom, stick, or dewebber to knock down spider webs. This will deter many spiders from staying. After all, spiders are just as afraid of you as you are of them.

In order to get complete spider protection, you’ll want to partner with us at Bill Clark Pest Control. We have the experience necessary to find spider entry points, hiding spots, and webs. We’ll create a one-of-a-kind treatment designed for your home. The secret to keeping spiders away? Working with the professionals for year-round pest control. We’ll keep away the spiders and the spider food.


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