February 27, 2020

Montgomery Homeowners' Guide To The Indian Meal Moth

Not everyone is familiar with the exact name for these common kitchen menaces, but winged kitchen raiders like these hungry pests are capable of destroying food in pantries when left unchecked.

an indian meal moth crawling in a kitchen

Indian Meal Moths, often referred to by Montgomery locals as pantry moths or waxworms (in the larval stage) are dangerous visitors to kitchens and cabinets all throughout the Lone Star State. Their small half-inch frames are grey, dark brown, or black in coloration, with two bent front legs noticeable while they rest on certain surfaces.
While the adult moths are harmless to humans and are not particularly interested in human food, the larvae of these pests are to be feared. Indian Meal Moths can lay up to three hundred eggs over a three week time period, hiding them away in foodstuffs and unsealed containers of grain. Once they hatch, the larvae will proceed to eat through as many sugar-heavy items as possible. From rice to flour to cereal, no grain is safe from the hunger pangs of the growing waxworm larvae.  
Indian Meal Moths are certainly dangerous to homeowners, but these flying pests can pose a very real threat to food storage facilities, retail stores, and manufacturing facilities all over the state. Without adequate protection, homes and businesses alike may be leaving themselves vulnerable for unwelcome meal moth activity.

How Do You Protect Against Pantry Pests?

The best way to protect your home and business from the effects of pantry pests is to avoid introducing them to the building entirely. This means that homeowners should be well aware of the signs of Indian Meal Moth and waxworm activity, and report any signs as soon as they are spotted.

  • When purchasing or otherwise storing certain goods, look for any signs of holes, tampering, or other disturbances.
  • Be sure that all food on the premises is properly sealed and put away. Do not allow grains or fruits to remain on the counter for long, as this can attract Indian Meal Moths, fruit flies, cockroaches, and other undesirables.

Indian Meal Moth activity may be difficult to discern from other types of damage due to product packaging, placement, or age, but this should not keep you from critically assessing your pantry for signs of pest activity. If you think or know that Indian Meal Moths may be present on your property, call to schedule your free home inspection today. 

How Much Damage Can Pantry Pests Cause?

Pantry pests are not necessarily harmful to humans. Indian Meal Moths are not known to bite, cause structural damage to homes, or spread serious diseases. However, it is important to note that any potentially contaminated food source must be discarded immediately. If the foodstuffs that waxworms have been present in are allowed to remain on the premises, you will have a much higher chance of contracting a worse or repeated cycle of infestation in the future.

Barricade Your Bulwarks With Bill Clark Pest Control

Unfortunately, DIY pantry moth traps, baits, and home remedies are less than effective at removing infestations from the home. Thanks to these moth’s fast breeding cycles and eggs embedded in foods, trapping adults simply won’t remove future specimens from the home. Indian Meal Moth control begins with controlling the adult’s output of eggs, effectively accomplished through a professional pest control company. 
To be sure you get rid of every last pantry pest, contact the professionals at Bill Clark Pest Control Inc today. Serving the homes and businesses of Montgomery and beyond, the operatives at Bill Clark Pest Control are passionate about getting and keeping our customers pest-free. Reach out to our office now or chat with us online to get started on finding the right solutions for your property today.


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