February 11, 2021

How To Tell If The Spiders On Your Montgomery Property Are Dangerous

Spiders have a chilling appearance. Their angled and long legs help them to run quickly in a startling fashion. Some can even leap across distances. These bugs make gluey webs that you can barely see and walking into one is highly likely. Whatever is caught in the mass can end up in your hair or on your face and clothes. Spiders also have fangs they can bite with and inject venom with. It’s fitting that they’re a going symbol for scary movies. 

a black widow spider in a garden

While it doesn’t seem to be true, some spiders are fairly harmless. Others are indeed ones to be frightened of. Black widows and brown recluses have been called the most dangerous species in the United States. Right now, you can learn how to recognize these arachnids and prevent them with Bill Clark Pest Control in Montgomery.

How Do Dangerous Montgomery Spiders Look? What Are The Risks?

As you might expect, black widows are black. They have shimmering skin, marked by a red hourglass shape on their abdomens. At their smallest, these pests are 0.12 of an inch long. The males max out in size at 0.39 of an inch, while females can grow to be 0.51 of an inch. Most of the time, they will form their nests in wood, grass, and organic debris.
Just because they generally stay outdoors, it doesn’t mean they won’t creep inside your home or business. Food scarcity and coarse weather will inspire them to invade. They’ll gravitate to quiet and dark places. Be alert when reaching in a closet, or going in the garage or basement. Black widows shouldn’t be provoked. Their venom has neurotoxins that will shut your nervous system down if you’re bitten. Given that they eat flies, grasshoppers, and ants, their presence signals a bigger pest issue. 
Brown recluses live up to their name too. The tan or brown creatures are ½ of an inch long. Having narrow and elongated legs, they are among the species that can sprint. This species has many parallels to black widows. A distinctive mark is on their stomachs; one like a violin. Natural matter is where they nest, and other bugs are a central part of their diet. Dim and settle spots where they won’t be caught are their indoor preference. You may see them in attics, crawl spaces, cellars, sheds, and cabinets. They will be in volume as they populate quickly. Skin lesions, fever, and nausea will occur with their bites. Other important things to know about these spiders are:

  • Medical attention is necessary for their bites 
  • They’re nocturnal
  • Infestation signs include seeing them or their disorganized webs near firewood, furniture, or sheltered corners 
  • Bill Clark Pest Control has the professional team to rid your home of infestation and keep it safe in the future. Call them today!

How Can You Prevent Dangerous Montgomery Spiders?

To keep spiders of all kinds away, complete the following chores:

  • Make it a habit to sweep, dust, and vacuum
  • Get rid of clutter
  • Routinely cut your grass, and trim greenery. Remove debris from the yard
  • Stack wood and sit plants two feet away or more from exterior doors 
  • Check out logs and storage items before pulling them inside 
  • Seal cracks and crevices in windows, doors, and foundations 
  • Fix moisture malfunctions and leaks 
  • Use a dehumidifier 
  • Call Bill Clark Pest Control if you have problems with critters spiders consume

What Can Bill Clark Pest Control Do About Dangerous Montgomery Spiders?

The certified technicians at Bill Clark Pest Control are trained on a continual basis, so that they’ll be able to use the latest and greatest technology to exterminate spiders. Our treatments align with federal regulations and are safe for humans, pets, and vegetation. We’re proud to be known for our fair pricing and wide-ranging plans. Give us a call today!


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