How Much Do You Really Know About Montgomery's Oriental Cockroaches?


Montgomery home and business owners shouldn’t take pest management lightly, since insects and other pests can really bring disaster to your doorstep. Some can tear up your belongings and your property, and some can bite, sting, or otherwise attack you. If you don’t visit the emergency room for a direct assault, you could be there because you wound up ill. Many pests have harmful germs, and cockroaches are a prime example.

There are many kinds of cockroaches. It’s wise to be familiar with the various subspecies, because that’s a factor in selecting the best prevention method. Though these bugs have similarities, they are not identical. One of the most prevalent types of cockroaches in Montgomery is the Oriental cockroach. Learn about them now, and how Bill Clark Pest Control can help you stop them.

How Do Oriental Cockroaches Look & Behave? What Are the Dangers?

One aspect that makes Oriental cockroaches stick out from the rest is their appearance. They may be reddish-brown or black in color like many, but their shiny skin and compressed bodies are why they’re noticeable. Additionally, they have wings, but do not use them to fly. In terms of size, they are around an inch long.

Oriental cockroaches flourish around plants, rocks, organic matter, and water. The liquid is so vital for them that they’re commonly referred to as “water bugs.” They surround storm drains, gutters, and utilities, and end up inside your home or business. Cracks and crevices near doors, windows, and foundations are potential entry points too. While indoors, they’ll crawl in garbage, sinks, and structural voids, and under cabinets. One of the primary signs of an infestation is seeing an Oriental cockroach in daylight. Other indications include:

  • Eggs: Their eggs are less than 1/2 an inch long, and brown or reddish-brown. You’ll probably see them in basements, bathrooms, and kitchens.
  • Droppings: These bugs release grainy brown or black feces. Look for the pieces on door frames and surfaces, and in drawers or floor corners.
  • Odors: These insects emit communication secretions and chemicals that are musty-smelling. It can alter the scent and flavor of food.

As mentioned previously, cockroaches harbor germs and bacteria on their bodies, in their excrement, and in their saliva, and additionally have sticky spines on their legs that pick up even more microbes. Given that they travel through gutters, sewers, trash and other mucky locations, this fact is quite unsettling. Once they run on a surface counter or in a packaged pantry item, they contaminate it, and it becomes highly possible that you or others could develop salmonellosis, gastroenteritis, or some other condition. Cockroaches can spark allergic responses and asthmatic reactions as well.

How Can You Prevent Oriental Cockroaches?

Take these actions to ward off Oriental cockroaches:

  • Seal gaps around foundations, windows, doors, and utilities.
  • Fix plumbing problems, leaks, and moisture issues.
  • Place sweeps on all doors that face the outside.
  • Cut your grass and trim greenery on a regular basis. Distance plants a couple of feet from exterior doors.
  • Routinely clean your drains and gutters.
  • Use airtight containers for food and garbage storage.
  • Wash dishes, vacuum, and take out the trash often.

What Can Bill Clark Pest Control Do About Oriental Cockroaches?

Bill Clark Pest Control has successfully been in business for more than 60 years because we set the standard with our services. Our skilled technicians receive continuous training, so that the latest tools and techniques will be effectively utilized. We don’t want you to have to stress about pests like Oriental cockroaches. Our plans are wallet-friendly and consist of comprehensive coverage, guarantees, and more. Call today for a no-obligation inspection!

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