March 24, 2020

Here's A Quick Way To Handle A Crazy Ant Infestation In Montgomery Texas

If you look at an ant infestation and say, "Wow. That's crazy." You probably have a crazy ant infestation. These ants can enter your yard by the hundreds of thousands, and even millions. When they do, they'll blanket your yard with workers moving in crazy zig-zag patterns, looking for food. They'll also create nests near the ground surface. So you won't see a few mounds and dozens of ants on the ground. You'll see lots and lots of ants, all the time. Some homeowners have had so many crazy ants in their yard that it looked like the ground was moving. If you're thinking, "Um. No thanks!" We have some advice for you today. While some ant prevention tips will help to resist crazy ants, if they choose your yard, they're going to come no matter what you do, and they'll come in force! Here is what works to control them, and why it works.

crazy ants crawling around

How To Get Control Of Crazy Ants

When it comes to dealing with crazy ants, the best solution is to have a licensed and experienced ant control expert take care of them. Why? There are three main reasons to consider:


Controlling these ants can be like putting out a brush fire. Get rid of them in one spot, and they crop up in another. You get them in the new spot, and they appear in the spot you've already treated.

  • Crazy ants are small. They can get into nooks and crannies of complex machinery or the wall voids of your home.

  • Crazy ants can live in moist areas and dry areas. Controlling moisture around your home will do nothing to deter these ants.

  • Crazy ants can forage a long distance from their nests. This can make it hard to find the source of these ants and eliminate the nest.

  • Crazy ant colonies can have 8 to 40 queens. So, it is common for budding to occur when treatments are performed. Budding is a process by which one colony turns into two or more colonies. This can happen when a threat is perceived.

  • These ants can mix themselves with biological organisms that you want to keep, such as bees. If crazy ants have gotten into your beehives, you will have a complex situation on your hands.


When homeowners attempt to control crazy ants on their own, they can create an additional threat to themselves, their family, and their pets. An inappropriate application of insecticides can cause toxic contamination. A professional will select EPA approved products and apply them in appropriate locations, in accordance with safety protocols.


Crazy ants can present a serious threat to electronics. They're known to get into electrical equipment and cause them to short circuit. This can lead to expensive repairs. They're also known to get into car and truck engines and clog things up. If you don't properly address this ant problem, it can cause more serious concerns.

Ant Control In Montgomery Texas

If you live in the Montgomery area, reach out to Bill Clark Pest Control for control of crazy ants. The pest control experts at Bill Clark have the certifications and experience to give you the best control possible for these ever-encroaching ants. We use a process of detailed inspection, treatment preparation, targeted treatments, and follow up treatments as needed, to ensure all ants are properly controlled. If you have questions, or if you are ready to schedule your treatment, connect with us. We make it easy to get started; the inspection is free. Schedule yours today.


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