December 3, 2021

Does Wildlife Control Get Rid Of Raccoons In Beaumont, TX?

Known by many as ‘trash pandas’ or ‘masked bandits,’ the humble raccoon is the source of much discomfort and fear around the Beaumont area.

These grey and black striped mammals prefer to sleep in large holes around trees or fallen logs and set up their dens near hotspots of human habitation. Raccoons love to find shelter in attics, crawl spaces, barns, and even outdoor sheds if the opportunity presents itself.

Just how dangerous are raccoons to humans, and should homeowners actively try to keep them out? Let’s take a closer look at raccoons and their many ill effects. 

a raccoon looking for food in a yard

Why The Raccoons In Beaumont Are Such A Threat

Despite the warnings put out by professionals like Bill Clark Pest Control, some Beaumont homeowners believe that raccoons are cute, friendly, and non-threatening. Although these pests may have some environmental benefits, the fact of the matter is that raccoons are not to be trifled with. Many raccoons act as disease vectors for dangerous illnesses, including rabies. They are also extremely aggressive and are a common carrier of secondary pests such as fleas and ticks (each of which carries its diseases).

If you suspect that raccoons have established a presence around your home, you will need to seek remedial treatments right away. 

Five Ways To Keep Raccoons Far Away From Your Property

Although you may not be able to get rid of established raccoon problems, you can certainly make your property less appealing to wildlife creatures in the future. Below are some of the most actionable tips for proper raccoon mitigation: 

  1. Raccoons are experts at getting into trash cans and garbage piles. Store all food waste and packaging inside plastic trash bags within airtight bins. Remove trash from the home at least once per week, more often if there are strong odors or rancid meats.
  2. Minimize shelter access around your lawn. Cut back areas of tall grass and overgrown vegetation. Be sure to close all doors and windows while not in use.
  3. Find ways to mitigate any standing water sources around the house—drain birdbaths, ponds, fountains, and other structures that could be acting as a watering hole. Ditches and potholes should be filled with soil to prevent vernal pooling.
  4. Mow your lawn often and weed-wack underneath fence lines and perimeter spaces to remove natural pest prey vectors.
  5. Beef up the buffer around your home by adding new kickplates, weatherstripping, and chimney caps. 

Need more help with raccoon prevention? Bill Clark Pest Control has the answer. 

How Bill Clark Pest Control Eliminates Dangerous Wildlife

For over 60 years and counting, Bill Clark Pest Control has been an award-winning wildlife management and control leader. We have spent more than three generations refining and reforging our skills, looking for new opportunities to make our neighbors even safer. We are passionate about helping the home and business owners in our community and dedicated to making a difference where it counts – right inside your home!

Hundreds of Beaumont homes and businesses believe that Bill Clark Pest Control is the safest, fastest, and most effective way to handle a raccoon problem around your property. Learn more about our incredible team and the work we’ve done for clients by calling our primary office. Let’s book an initial pest inspection right away!  


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