Do You Have an Abundance of Daddy Long Legs Spiders in Your Beaumont Home?

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Does it seem like every time you look up in the corner of your family room or pull back your shower curtain there’s a daddy-long leg spider hanging out there?  An abundance of daddy-long-legs in your home can signal a larger pest problem since daddy-long legs feed on other pests. While daddy long leg spiders are relatively harmless, most of us don’t want to live with an abundance of them in our Beaumont homes! If you are plagued with these creepy-looking pests, Bill Clark Pest Control has your solution.

What’s in a Name? 

Daddy long legs is a catch-all name for many similar types of species of spiders, upwards of 1,800 in number. Besides daddy long legs, they are sometimes called granddaddy long legs or cellar spiders. 

Daddy long legs spiders and daddy long legs are not the same. "Daddy long legs" is a catch-all name for many similar types of species of spiders, arachnids, and opiliones, upwards of 1,800 in number. Daddy long legs spiders are sometimes called granddaddy long legs or cellar spiders. There is an important distinction to note in using the name daddy long legs. Daddy long legs refer to a group of pests that are not spiders, closer in relation to a scorpion and include the harvestman in the opilione family. These are not venomous nor do they spin webs. Daddy long legs spiders are venomous and are part of the arachnid family.

Identifying a Daddy Long Legs Spider

Daddy longlegs spiders have a peanut-shaped segmented body. They have eight eyes close together at the front of their head. They have eight legs, most often originating from the front part of their bodies. As their name suggests, their legs are very long. These spiders are as fragile as they appear, their legs being so thin they sometimes look the size of a hair.

Deadly Venom

Daddy longlegs spiders are venomous like all spiders. There are rumors that the daddy long leg spider is the most venomous in the world. While the daddy long legs spider does have fangs and could theoretically bite, there is no scientific evidence that they’ve ever been harmful to humans.

Getting Rid of Daddy Long Legs Spiders

A thorough deep cleaning and regular dusting is a start to getting rid of daddy long legs spiders. Additionally, sealing cracks and making sure screens are intact will help keep them out.

For a thorough home pest control plan near Beaumont, TX, Bill Clark Pest Control is your solution. We can help by performing our Pest-Stop one-time treatment or helping you choose a year-round pest control plan that will keep daddy long legs spiders and other pests out of your Beaumont home.

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