Conroe's Complete Guide To Effective Rat Control

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There are plenty of pests that really scare people, and if there were a list of most frightening pests, rats would easily be near the top. Their hefty size is intimidating, their sharp teeth and super long tails make folks fearful, they're known carriers of disease, and they destroy belongings. Additionally, they can quickly become a nightmare for Conroe home and business owners because they multiply at a fast rate and are extremely hard to eliminate.

Residents need to be proactive about prevention to protect themselves and their loved ones. Business owners must maintain their establishments to shield investments, as well as considering their customers and employees, too. Discover how you can keep rats out with Bill Clark Pest Control. 

What Rats Are Common in Conroe? What Are The Dangers?

Norway and roof rats are rampant in the area. Norway rats can be up to 15 inches long including their 7 inch tails. With the exception of their ears and tails, their bodies are covered in brown or gray fur. Digging and burrowing in dirt is how they spend the majority of their time, so of course this ruins lawns and land. The tunnels they forge allow them to enter homes and businesses, stretching entry holes around doors, utilities, and vents with their teeth. Little effort is necessary though, because rodents can climb through holes ½ inch in diameter or less. Yards with messy shrubs, tall grass, or gardens will surely see Norway rats, as will properties with weak construction.

The black or brown bodies of roof rats are roughly the same size as Norway rats, with scaly tails that are often longer than their bodies. You may see these critters darting across power lines and tree branches to get to your roof to penetrate the attic or garage. 

You’ll know for sure that you have an infestation if you notice the following:

  • Droppings in floor corners and cabinets
  • Greasy rub marks and stains along edges and walls
  • Footprints and scratches on surfaces and foundations
  • Scraping and/or squeaking sounds from inside walls
  • Rats running about during the day; these animals are usually only active at night

Rats harbor numerous germs that can make humans sick, carrying parasites in their fur, and bacteria in their saliva, feces, and urine. They continue to pick up microbes as they scuttle through sewers, garbage, and other soiled places. All of this in mind, these pests will contaminate food and surfaces when they crawl on or touch them. Subsequently, people might contract tularemia, hantavirus, salmonellosis and more. If that weren’t bad enough, rats keep their teeth down by chewing on wires and walls, leading to possible outcomes including electrical outages, fires, and cosmetic damage.

How Are Rats Prevented?

You can take some simple steps to dissuade rats from entering your property:

  • Close openings near foundations, doors, windows, vents, and utility and roof lines.
  • Have moisture faults and leaks repaired; rats gravitate to dampness.
  • Put food and trash in containers with tight lids.
  • Regularly cut your grass, trim greenery, and distance plants from exterior doors.
  • Clean your gutters often.

What Can Bill Clark Pest Control Do About Rats?

The specially trained technicians at Bill Clark Pest Control will survey the interior and exterior of your property, efficiently find rat nests and entryways, and address them appropriately. Our high-quality solutions consist of traps, baiting stations, exclusion methods, and more. Rest easy knowing that our services have warranties and follow-up visits, so you know you and your property are protected. Prioritize your property, your health, and the well-being of others. Call us today for a no-obligation inspection!

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