September 8, 2020

Beaumont's Guide To Fall Pests & How To Keep Them Out

During the summertime, many pests become a problem such as mosquitoes, flies, termites, and grasshoppers, so it’s easy to assume that summer is the worst time for pest problems. However, the reality is that pest concerns are an issue year-round, it just depends on the kind of pest you are considering.

a mouse next to a jar of food

As the weather starts to cool, warm weather pests become less of a problem, but pests that seek indoor shelter from the cold become an issue. Some of the most common fall pests around Beaumont include mice, rats, spiders, beetles, and cockroaches.

While some of these pests are mostly a nuisance, others like cockroaches and rodents can pose health concerns and cause property damage.

What Issues Do Fall Pests Cause?

Some fall pests in the area, such as beetles and most spiders, aren’t overly dangerous and don’t cause much property damage, but others can cause some major issues.

The first problem with pests like rodents and cockroaches is the way that they spread diseases including salmonella and gastroenteritis. They can also cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks, and they can contaminate food and food preparation areas. As for rodents, their droppings, fur, and urine can additionally lead to respiratory problems as infestations grow.

The second concern with certain fall pests, especially rodents, is that they can cause property damage. Mice and rats have to constantly gnaw and chew to prevent their teeth from overgrowing. This can destroy many things around your property including pipes, plumbing, wires, drywall, wood, and more. The feces and urine they leave behind in nesting sites can contaminate insulation

Keeping Common Fall Pests Out Of Your Home

Since many of the common pests in the area can harm humans and also damage property, taking steps to keep them out is essential. While prevention can’t completely ensure you’ll never deal with pests in the fall, they can deter them and make your property less attractive for pests looking for shelter.

Here are some of the easiest and simplest prevention tips:

  • Reduce moisture: Humid environments attract many pests, so reduce moisture in your home by fixing leaky pipes and faucets, using dehumidifiers, and ensuring that crawl spaces and basements have good ventilation.
  • Seal off access points: To keep pests out, you need to address areas where pests can easily get inside. Some of the best ways to seal off entry points including fixing broken screens, placing weather stripping around doors and windows, installing door sweeps, and fixing cracks in your home’s foundation.
  • Cleaning: Cluttered spaces attract some pests, and an unclean home can also attract them through food spills, smelly garbage, and more. You can focus on vacuuming, sweeping, and decluttering in general. Also, regularly take out the trash, store food properly, and clean up any drink spills and food crumbs.

The Most Effective Way To Prevent Fall Pests

Taking steps to prevent pests is important year-round, and this is especially true as you prepare your home for the fall and winter months. Along with steps you can take on your own, the best way to keep fall pests out and remove any current infestations is to get help from the professionals at Bill Clark Pest Control. We provide on-going pest control assistance to protect you, your family, and your home throughout the year. Call us today to schedule your free inspection.


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