December 26, 2019

Beaumont's Exclusive Guide To The Pesky Raccoon   

We love them in movies, adore them in zoos, and affectionately refer to them as ‘coons,’ but these devious nocturnal thieves are not good to have on our properties. 

a raccoon digging through the trash ouside of a beaumont texas home

Raccoons are large, cat-like mammals with grey fur and long, black-ringed tails. Dexterous hands and a black-framed ‘mask’ wrapped about their eyes gives an air of mystery as to just what this creature is up to. A long muzzle hides a pair of sharp teeth, helping the raccoon shift through garbage piles and trash cans. The hind legs of raccoons are longer than their front legs, giving them excellent mobility when crawling into hard-to-reach areas. These animals are nocturnal. This means you won’t often spot them roaming about during the day. Raccoons are omnivorous. This means they will eat just about anything and will get into trash cans, dumpsters, and other foraging areas all around Beaumont
Once thought to be solitary creatures, raccoons are known to have intricate family and gender social behavior. Younger raccoons respect their elders and give them a wide berth. They are known to sometimes form alliances that benefit both family parties within a foraging range. The "home range" for an average raccoon is about one square mile. 
In the wild raccoons are normally found in dens located in tree stumps, hollow logs, and other dark spaces. However, you are likely to find these dumpster divers in the suburbs and other urban areas. This migration to urban homes is generally due to the abundance of food waste and dark spaces that modern properties provide.  

Just How Destructive Are Raccoons Anyway?

The problems that raccoons can introduce to a home are numerous, including:

  • Toppled over trash cans 
  • Dens in various spaces of the home, including attics and basements 
  • Pets or family members being attacked
  • Messes made in the yard during the night 
  • Serious illnesses such as rabies, leptospirosis, and even baylisascariasis being spread

If you spot raccoons on your property, think twice before taking action. If raccoons have created a den in the home or lawn, you need to check local laws concerning animal welfare and captivity. Many areas restrict the killing or relocation of pest wildlife to a certified pest control practitioner. Not sure if your raccoon problem is closer-to-home than you’d like? To receive a comprehensive home inspection from a qualified professional, call the operatives at Bill Clark’s Bugsperts today.

Raccoons? The Bugsperts Have Your Back

Loud noises and flashing lights are good methods for driving away these masked villains, but raccoons with dens in your home or lawn won’t leave for good. This poses a significant risk to your family’s health and wellness. Take back your home and get the peace of mind you deserve with the services of Bill Clark’s Pest Control now. 


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