July 13, 2021

Beaumont's Complete Guide To Effective German Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are one of the most unfun pests you can get – and German cockroaches are among the most unfun cockroaches. They breed like bunny rabbits, they can get in almost anything, they’re tough as nails, and they’re good at keeping a low profile. All this means it doesn’t take much for a couple of German cockroaches to balloon into a major infestation. Once you’ve got roaches in, it’s really hard to get them out, so you’re going to want to do everything to keep them out in the first place. 

a german cockroach crawling on a leaf

German Cockroach Distinguishing Features

There are over 4,500 species of cockroaches in the world, and they all have similar features, like six legs, oval-shaped bodies, and wings. Here in the US, we have a lot of cockroaches that look pretty alike, including the American cockroach, the smokybrown cockroach, and the Oriental cockroach. You can distinguish German cockroaches from these other roach species in several key ways.

First off, German cockroaches are smaller than both the American and Oriental cockroach varieties, coming in at only 1/2 an inch to 5/8 of an inch long (American cockroaches, by contrast, can grow to two inches). German cockroaches are tan to light brown with two parallel stripes running the length of a segment just behind their heads. They also have long antennae and spiny legs.

Dangers Posed By Roaches

Cockroaches have a terrible reputation for a reason – they’re disgusting. They love dark, moist places such as sewers, rotting bodies, and garbage dumps. When they trade these nasty places for your pantry, they bring all the pathogens they picked up with them. They can spread everything from salmonella to typhoid fever to dysentery. To this day, roaches are also responsible for the spread of historically devastating diseases such as plague and leprosy.

Transmission can occur in several ways, though it usually happens when you touch or eat something roaches have been around. You may consume food items that have been contaminated by cockroaches. You can also come into contact with items that cockroaches have touched, including furniture, kitchen counters, and bathroom surfaces.

Roach Prevention And Elimination

There are lots of ways to prevent cockroaches. One of the most effective prevention methods is to eliminate possible attractants. Try things like:

  • Keep all foods either in the fridge or in airtight hard plastic containers.
  • Don’t leave pet bowls out in the open – feed pets and put bowls and uneaten foods away.
  • Fix moisture problems like leaky pipes and clogged drainage.
  • Use dehumidifiers in humid areas of your house, like basements and crawlspaces.
  • Clean and vacuum frequently to eliminate possible crumbs.

You might also try physically blocking off cockroaches’ potential entry points by inspecting your home and sealing up any cracks or holes you find in the exterior, siding, or foundation. However, measures like this are not as effective against German cockroaches because they’re small and able to squeeze inside places you might not even be able to see. On top of this, if you already have one or two German cockroaches living in your home, they can exponentially increase their population in a matter of months while you’re none the wiser.

All this means that once you get an infestation, it’s often there to stay. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it. Here at Bill Clark Pest Control, our Bugsperts receive constant education to keep them current on all the latest tools and techniques for getting rid of these tough, stubborn pests. With our home pest control and commercial pest control we offer thorough inspections, a range of treatments customized to meet your needs, and ongoing service to ensure your problem doesn’t pop up again. So give us a call at (409) 204-5612 or visit our contact page to schedule your appointment.


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