September 30, 2020

Are Silverfish In Conroe Dangerous?

There are some pests you encounter in your Conroe home that you’re rather familiar with. Common household pests like ants, flies, and rodents are easy to identify for most homeowners. However, there are other pests in the area that you might not recognize as readily.

a silverfish on a dark surface

Silverfish are one pest that looks rather scary, but they are actually not as dangerous as they look. These insects are simply nuisance pests because they don’t pose any significant threats to humans, and they also don’t do much damage to property.

However, silverfish can still be an annoying pest to deal with, and one of the worst things about them is their strange and off-putting appearance. If you’re not familiar with what silverfish look like, this brief description will make it easy to identify them in the future.

  • Silverfish are most often silver as their name suggests, but they can also be brown.
  • They have oval-shaped bodies, and their bodies get thinner towards the bottom making more of a teardrop shape.
  • They have a pair of long antennae as well as three long, thin appendages trailing from the end of their bodies.
  • Adults grow to be about ¾ of an inch long.
  • They do not have wings.

Do Silverfish Pose Any Health Threats?

Noticing silverfish in your Conroe home might gross you out, but despite their unsightly appearance, silverfish don’t pose any health or safety threats to humans or animals. So, you don’t have to worry about them biting, causing allergies, or spreading diseases to your family or your pets.

They also aren’t known to do significant property damage, but they can do damage to certain household items. This is because they like to chew on things that have sugars and carbohydrates such as cereal, books, papers, and wallpaper. You will need to dispose of any food that they get into, and they could at least partially ruin some valuable items.

But, other than their occasional preference for chewing on some items, they don’t pose any other risks.

Ways To Prevent Silverfish

While you know now that silverfish are overall a harmless, nuisance pest, they still aren’t a welcome houseguest. Finding them around your property can be disturbing, and they seem more like something out of prehistoric times than a creature you’d want to share your house with.

Since they can do a small amount of property damage, and because they can make your home feel dirty, it's a good idea to take steps to prevent them. While no prevention methods are completely effective, they can help reduce the chances of an infestation.

Here are the simplest and most effective silverfish prevention tips:

  • Check boxes and secondhand books for silverfish before bringing them inside.
  • Address humidity issues by using dehumidifiers.
  • Fix leaky pipes and faucets that could contribute to excess moisture.
  • Store old books and papers in dry areas and avoid storying these items in attics and basements.
  • Get help from pest control professionals.

Contact The Experts For Silverfish Help

While silverfish might not be dangerous, they are still frustrating to have around. They aren’t nice to look at, and trying to get rid of them on your own using pesticides isn’t advisable. Instead, the professionals at Bill Clark Pest Control can provide effective and complete silverfish control to keep these insects out of your home or business for good. Contact us today to get started and request a free inspection.


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