March 3, 2021

Are Beaumont Bed Bugs Dangerous To Pets?

You do your best to take care of your pets and make sure they live the best life possible. You give them the right food, plenty of exercise, and always check for ticks and fleas. But did you know that bed bugs can prey on your pets?

Bed bugs can ruin your quality of life and distress your pets with irritating bites. For everything you need to know about Beaumont pets and bed bugs, keep reading.

two bed bugs on a bed

About Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations have made a comeback in the U.S. in recent years. These small parasites feed on warm blood and are happy to make a meal of you or your pets if given the chance. Bed bugs can be identified by their oval-shaped bodies and reddish-brown coloration. They typically measure about 1/8 to 1/4 inch in length, although they are rarely seen in the open.

Even the cleanest, nicest homes can get bed bugs. They are masters of stealth and very adept at hitchhiking, meaning you could get them without even knowing. And although these parasites live up to their name and can be commonly found in bedrooms, it’s not just your bed they’ll infest. Your pets are prime targets, too.

Bed Bugs And Pets

Unlike other common pet parasites like ticks and fleas, bed bugs don’t actually live on the bodies of their hosts. Rather, bed bugs come out for a meal, gorge themselves, and then slink off back to their hiding spots until it’s time to feed again. So, if bed bugs are biting you or your pets, it can be difficult to find a culprit.

Like human hosts, your pets emit the same body heat and carbon dioxide that bed bugs are attracted to. These factors indicate the presence of warm blood, and bed bugs are not picky about the host, whether it’s a dog, cat, or human.

Unlike fleas and ticks, bed bugs don’t like thick fur or hair to hide in. They prefer smooth areas of exposed skin instead. In humans, bed bugs commonly bite areas around the hands, forearms, face, and neck because they are often exposed while we sleep. For pets, bellies, ears, and other hairless areas on the body are the preferred point of attack.

Do My Pets Have Bed Bugs Or Fleas?

As far as common parasitic pests go, bed bugs prefer human hosts and fleas go for pets. But this isn’t always true, as both fleas and bed bugs are happy to get a meal from whatever blood source they can. So, if you see your furry friend excessively scratching or nipping at themselves, how can you tell if it’s bed bugs or fleas?

  • Bed bugs don’t live on the bodies of their hosts; fleas can be found living in your pet’s fur.
  • Bed bugs are larger and rounder in shape than fleas, although they have similar coloration.
  • Bed bug bites often manifest in a straight line (though not always) while flea bites tend to be more random clusters.

Bed bugs will travel in search of a host, but can’t travel very far. So, if your pet is being plagued by bed bugs, the infestation is likely close by. Your mattress, headboard, and nightstand are all good areas to check, but bed bugs can even live in the folds of a curtain or in electronic appliances.

Wash your pet’s bedding on the hottest temperature to eliminate any hidden bed bugs or their eggs. Give them a thorough grooming and check for signs of bites or parasites on their body. And most of all, call the professionals at Bill Clark Pest Control for help.

Bed bugs are an awful pest that can disrupt life for both you and your pets. With free inspection and thorough treatment, we will eliminate your bed bug problem once and for all. Get in touch with us today.


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