August 28, 2020

A Guide To Brown Recluse Spider Control For Conroe Property Owners

Uncertainty often leads to fear. This can happen when you haven’t heard back about a job you interviewed for two weeks ago or when you are driving down a dark and rainy road late at night. It also happens when you find yourself staring eye-to-several eyes with a spider, wondering if it could jump, bite, or attack you at any moment. The most common reaction people have to spiders is to avoid them at all costs. This isn’t because all spiders are dangerous, it is simply because most people don’t know how to tell a dangerous spider from a harmless one. This is why we are here today. If you don’t know how to identify brown recluse spiders, we have some ways you can do this, along with some simple steps you can use to keep spiders in general out of your Conroe home.

a brown recluse spider in a home

How To Identify A Brown Recluse Spider

Brown recluse are not the most common home-invading pests here in Conroe, but they have been known to get inside from time to time. One reason many people have difficulty identifying brown recluse is due to their many similarities to other common household spiders such as the wolf spider, the cellar spider, the yellow sac spider, and the house spider. The best way you can tell them apart is by the upside-down, dark-colored, violin-shaped mark placed right behind their head.

When Are Brown Recluse Spiders Active?

Pests often come and go with the weather. Up north, when fall comes and temperatures drop, creatures of all shapes and sizes die off, slow down, or go into hibernation. Here in Texas, however, temperatures rarely drop low enough for us to see much of a reprieve from pests. This includes spiders. But brown recluse are most active from June to August.

How Dangerous Are Brown Recluse?

Brown recluse are the most dangerous spiders here in America. Even so, to date, there has not yet been a recorded death related to these painful pests. Studies show that roughly 90% of people bitten by brown recluse fully heal by themselves without treatment and only 3% require skin grafts to renew the area around the bite zone. Although rarely fatal, brown recluse bites are still extremely painful and uncomfortable and include symptoms such as a deep ulcer at the area of the bite, fever, nausea, joint pain, chills, weakness, and potentially seizures or coma (extremely uncommon). If bitten by a brown recluse spider, seek medical attention immediately to minimize the damage and symptoms.

How To Prevent Brown Recluse

Brown recluse most commonly enter into homes in search of shelter, or because they are hungry and are looking for insects to hunt. To minimize your chances of finding spiders and pests in general inside your Conroe home, here are some pest-prevention tips our experts suggest you try:

  • Use some liquid cement or a caulking gun to seal up gaps, cracks, or openings in the exterior of your home.

  • Inspect window and door screens around your home to make sure they are in good condition.

  • Make sure all of your door sweeps are in good shape.

  • Check weather stripping around your home and repair and replace them as needed.

  • Keep outdoor lights off at night or invest in insect-resistant light bulbs.

  • Clean your home thoroughly at least once a week.

  • Make sure all of your indoor and outdoor trashcans are equipped with tight-fitting lids.

  • Store leftover foods and beverages inside airtight containers.

  • Pick up after your pets, and clean out their food and water bowls after they are done using them.

  • Invest in high-quality pest control.

If you never want to deal with spiders in your Conroe home ever again, we can help. Here at Bill Clark Pest Control, we have long-lasting and reliable methods for eliminating and deterring spiders along with the insects they invade to hunt.

Contact us today to learn more about our general pest control plans, or to have brown recluse spiders removed from your Conroe home.


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