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a deer tick crawling along a smooth green leaf ona beaumont texat property durring a late summer sunny day

How To Prepare For The Late Summer Tick Activity In Beaumont

August 20, 2019

During the months of June, July, and August, tick nymphs fed on the blood of pets, wildlife animals, and humans. And now those nymphs are molting and reaching maturity. As we head into fall, tick populations will be at their highest for the year and the risk for being bitten increases exponentially....

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a large deer tick crawling along a texas pet before it embedds itself into its fur

Steps Texas Pet Owners Should Take To Avoid Ticks

June 26, 2019

During the summer months, it’s important to consider the safety of yourself and your family. In many cases, this means taking a look at pests that are around your home. Insects are plentiful during the summer and can easily make their way into your yard and your home, and ticks can be dangerous to both humans and animals....

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a deer tick on a leaf outside of a home in beaumont texas

How Ticks Get Into Beaumont Yards During The Summer

June 10, 2019

Because ticks require other wild creatures to survive, and can most often be found piggybacking on these hosts, the biggest factor that drives ticks onto properties is simply wild animals. If you have rodents, deer, or other wild animals that frequent your property, your yard is more likely to have ticks hiding within it....

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