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a brown recluse spider in a home

A Guide To Brown Recluse Spider Control For Conroe Property Owners

August 28, 2020

The most common reaction people have to spiders is to avoid them at all costs. This isn’t because all spiders are dangerous, it is simply because most people don’t know how to tell a dangerous spider from a harmless one. This is why we are here today. If you don’t know how to identify brown recluse spiders, we have some ways you can do this....

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a bark scorpion crawling on the ground

How Dangerous Are Montgomery Scorpions?

August 18, 2020

Texas is home to around 20 species of scorpions. Of all of these species, the striped bark scorpion is by far the most common home invader. These should not be confused with Arizona bark scorpions which have stings that are known to be lethal....

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a springtail in a kitchen

What Montgomery Property Owners Should Know About Springtails

August 12, 2020

Have you been noticing tiny pests hopping around inside your Montgomery home? You could be dealing with springtails. If you have never heard of springtails, don’t worry, most homeowners haven’t. If you would like to learn about springtails and find out a quick way to stop them, here is everything you need to know....

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