am american cockroch feasting on leftovers in a beaumount texas kitchen

Don't Let Cockroaches Ruin Your July 4 Festivities

July 3, 2019

Whether you plan on sitting out on the porch with your family for thick, juicy slices of watermelon, or want to have an Independence Day party with your friends, cockroaches are capable of turning any activity into a nightmare. The first step to having a stress-free summer is to eliminate the risk of a cockroach infestation in your home....

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a carpenter bee crouching into a small opening to a burrowed tunnel on a texas property

Where Does Carpenter Bee Damage Occur Around Texas Homes?

June 28, 2019

Carpenter bees are solitary bees. They begin nesting in late spring, and continue to build nests and rear their young through early summer; that means June is an especially active season for carpenter bees that are trying to build nests and breed. They build their nests in soft, untreated wood....

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a large deer tick crawling along a texas pet before it embedds itself into its fur

Steps Texas Pet Owners Should Take To Avoid Ticks

June 26, 2019

During the summer months, it’s important to consider the safety of yourself and your family. In many cases, this means taking a look at pests that are around your home. Insects are plentiful during the summer and can easily make their way into your yard and your home, and ticks can be dangerous to both humans and animals....

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