an indian meal moth crawling inside of a residential pantry in beaumont texas

Pests Invading Beaumont Pantries This Summer

May 7, 2019

When you open a box of cereal and find tiny maggots wiggling about, it can raise concern real quick. The reason you find this is because most of these pests will use dried stored foods as an area to lay their eggs. They do this so that their offspring can have a plentiful amount of food when they hatch...

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a bed bug crawling on human skin inside of a home in southeast texas

Why DIY Bed Bug Solutions Often Fail

March 7, 2019

Many people know of bed bugs, but not many know where they came from if they find them in their home. Think for a moment, if you find bed bugs crawling around in your bed, how did they get there? If you are stumped by this question, let us shed some light on the subject. Bed bugs are traveling pests, more specifically hitchhiking ones....

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swarming termites inside of a home in southeast texas

Watch Out For Swarming Termites Around Southeast Texas Homes

March 7, 2019

Whether you are seeing termite swarmers inside your home, outside your home, or not seeing them at all, your home is in need of protection. Keep in mind that when termites aren’t swarming they are usually underground tunneling and looking for a new source of food (wood). If at any point of the year they find this in your home, it could be at serious risk....

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