a small house mouse creating a mighty mess along the floor in a beaumont texas home

How The Common House Mouse Can Cause Texas-Sized Problems

September 20, 2019

Mice are tiny quiet creatures; can they cause that many problems? We'll answer some common questions that often come up regarding mice invasions. How much do you know about these little rodents and the issues they can cause? Mice are a common pest problem in Texas, but they're also a more serious problem than you might imagine. ...

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a mosquito biting on a beaumont texas residents arm in the sunlight of an early fall day

The Deadly Pest That Many Texas Residents Take Too Lightly

September 18, 2019

They buzz around your ears and leave horrible itchy bites on your arms and legs. Nothing can ruin an evening of summer fun faster than a swarm of mosquitoes. You should realize, though, that mosquitoes are just as dangerous as they are annoying. Never ignore these pesky insects, but instead take steps to protect yourself and your family from mosquitoes....

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a brown recluse spider crawling along a stone wall in a beaumont texas basement

Avoiding The Painful & Dangerous Brown Recluse Bite In East Texas

September 13, 2019

Brown recluse spiders are among the few poisonous spiders that live in East Texas. These spiders rarely bite humans, but they can still be dangerous and are certainly a frightening pest! Here’s how to identify brown recluse spiders and their bites, and what to do if you have them living in your home....

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