a black carpenter ant burrowing through a wooden structure on a southern texas property

Summertime Ant Prevention For Southeast Texas Homeowners

June 11, 2019

There are many different species of ants that live across Southeast Texas, including carpenter ants, fire ants, black ants, and more. Ants often enter homes in search of food. They’ll feed on crumbs and spills in your kitchen. Ants are colonizers, which means where there is one, there are more. ...

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a rat crawling inside of a home in southeast texas

Problems Rodents Cause For Homeowners

June 10, 2019

It is never a good day when you find out your home has a rodent infestation. For some, this moment comes at night, when you are about to fall asleep and are jolted to attention by the sounds of pitter-pattering footsteps in the ceiling. For others, this moment may come when you see your cat dart across the room after a mouse....

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a german cockroach crawling on the floor of a home in southeast texas

Why Call Bill Clark Bugsperts If You See Cockroaches Indoors

June 10, 2019

There are a number of reasons people dislike cockroaches. Maybe you dislike them because of their creepy nature and the way they dart across floors at lightning-fast speeds. Perhaps you are cautious of them because of the sicknesses they can carry. Or maybe you hate them simply because they are disgusting looking....

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a dog scratching fleas outside of a home in southeast texas

How To Protect Your Pets From Fleas This Summer

June 10, 2019

There are a lot of things we do to keep our pets safe. We bring them to the vet if they are sick or injured. We try to train them to not do things like jumping up on the hot stove or running in front of a car. We even make them wear silly cones so they don't scratch themselves when they have injuries. Whatever we can do to stop them from getting injured, we do....

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