August 27, 2021

Why Do I Have Carpenter Ants On My Montgomery Property?

Montgomery is known as one of the oldest towns in Texas and even has a claim to fame of being the birthplace of the Texas Lone Star Flag. A classic resident of Montgomery, Texas, is the carpenter ant, and its claim to fame is the destruction it can cause to your Montgomery property.

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Little-Known Ways Carpenter Ants Are Different From Other Ants

Ants come in all kinds of different colors and sizes. The question is – what makes the carpenter ant different from other ants? Carpenter can be anywhere from ½” to ⅝” long. They are quite common and can come in a combination of black and red, or completely black, red, or brown.

Many ants in the Montgomery area tend to stay outside and build nests in sunny mounds outside and inside rotting logs and stumps. Others nest under stones, logs, firewood, and potted plants. Typical ants that come inside will nest behind wall voids, baseboards, and crawl spaces. Ones that need moisture may even nest in potted plants, bathrooms, kitchen areas, inside electrical outlets, underneath shingles, and behind wall voids.

When carpenter ants nest outside, they can often be found in hollowed-out dead trees, tree stumps, firewood, and fence posts – they love wood! Where they differ from other ants is in how they treat wood. Carpenter ants are excavators. They will chew and spit out the wood in an attempt to tunnel their way to a nesting site and leave smooth tunnels in their wake.

Seven Carpenter Ant Attractions

Multiple conditions must be present for carpenter ants to thrive. There are items that will be an attraction to carpenter ants and will invite them into your structure. The top seven factors that can attract carpenter ants to your property are as follows:

  1. Water sources
  2. Insect honeydew from aphids
  3. Plant and fruit juices
  4. Proteins and sugars
  5. Pet food
  6. Insects and arthropods
  7. Inside foods such as sweets, meats, eggs, cakes, and grease

How Carpenter Ants Damage Your Montgomery Property

Typically, a property owner gets their first indication that they have a carpenter ant infestation problem when they see a winged male carpenter ant inside. Another sign of an infestation is the sound of rustling coming from within wall voids or from wood where the nest is located. Because carpenter ants create tunnels in wooden structures, when they use your wood as tunnels to their nests, they can weaken your support structures. This destruction can cause some serious and potentially dangerous conditions in your home or business.

Without expert knowledge, carpenter ants are very difficult to remove. Carpenter ants prefer voids for nesting that have the following characteristics:

  • Areas that are close to moisture and food sources
  • Areas that are safe from predators (like birds and lizards)
  • Areas that are safe from flooding, heat, and other environmental stresses
  • Areas that are easily accessible for ants but not for humans

Because of these factors, carpenter ants will nest in areas that are both hard to find and hard to access.

Get Rid Of Your Carpenter Ants Once And For All

Because eradication of carpenter ants is especially difficult, it is best to call the professionals at Bill Clark Pest Control. Bill Clark Pest Control is staffed by a Doctor of Entomology and 70 continuously trained “Bugsperts.” With their expert training and experience fighting pests, they can assist property owners in finding and eradicating nuisance carpenter ants. Call us today to get solutions to your pest problems.


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