August 6, 2020

Why Can't I Get These Bed Bugs Out Of My Beaumont Home?

How good would you say you are at falling asleep? Are you out cold the second your head hits your pillow, or does it take you several hours of careful positioning and rolling around to finally drift off? For most individuals, sleep is extremely important, so important that they invest thousands of dollars to ensure they get the best rest possible. That being said, we are here today to talk about one sleep-wrecking pest that is making its way through Beaumont. If you are having trouble having a good night’s rest, you could be dealing with bed bugs. Here is everything you need to know to stop them.

a bed bug on a blanket

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small, reddish-brown, oval-shaped parasitic pests that rely on the blood of humans and occasionally animals to survive. As their name would suggest, bed bugs love spending time around beds, however, only when the owners of the beds are asleep. When homeowners are awake, bed bugs are much more likely to be hiding out of sight. Common hiding spots for bed bugs include inside furniture, box springs, bed frames, cracks, crevices, electronics, walls, and behind outlets. In short, when bed bugs aren’t feeding, they can be hiding anywhere.

How Do Bed Bugs Get Around?

Your home could be completely sealed and pest-proof and still be susceptible to a bed bug infestation. Why is this? Because bed bugs are hitchhiking pests. This means they use items we carry around on a day-to-day basis to travel. Set your bag down too long in a crowded place and bed bugs could crawl over and catch a ride. Is your kid’s school having trouble with bed bugs? A backpack could be the start of a bed bug infestation. Just keep in mind that anywhere people are, bed bugs could be, and all they need to do to get into your home is a person and something they are carrying.

Why Bed Bugs Are So Hard To Eliminate

There are two big reasons why bed bugs are difficult to eliminate. One is that they are amazing at hiding and avoiding danger. When presented with a threat, bed bugs will scatter and flee deep into the recesses of your home. Once safe, they can hide for upwards of six months without a blood meal, or until the danger has subsided. The second reason bed bugs are so hard to eliminate it due to how fast they repopulate. Even if you kill 98% of the bed bugs in your home, the 2% remaining can easily multiply and soon be out of control once again.

The Only Way To Handle A Bed Bug Infestation

When it comes to dealing with bed bugs, you have to make sure a few things happen. First, you need to make sure no bed bugs are able to escape treatments. Second, you need to make sure the treatment used eliminates not just adult bed bugs but their eggs and nymphs as well. In order to do these two things right, your best option is to hire a professional.

If you suspect your home has a bed bug infestation, let the experts here at Bill Clark Pest Control come out and have a look for you. We will perform a thorough inspection of your home and do what it takes to eliminate all the bed bugs. Get your good night’s sleep back. Give us a call.


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