May 26, 2020

Seven Common Misconceptions About Termites In Conroe

Termites are one type of pest that can be extremely destructive and a huge problem if they get inside your Conroe home or business. While termites can do a great deal of property damage and are a cause for concern, there are many myths about these pests. Knowing the facts from the myths is important because it helps you know how to deal with them. Here are some common myths about termites as well as the truth behind these concerns.

termites damaging home by chewing on wooden frame

1. Myth: Termites don’t have any purpose and are only there to destroy things.

Truth: Termites might be a horrible thing to have in your home, but they have an important purpose in nature. They break down things like dead wood and trees and convert the wood into rich soil. This then helps plants grow. So while you don’t want them in your home, they are good for the ecosystem.

2. Myth: Termites are a member of the ant family.

Truth: Unless you're someone who has studied bugs, it can be hard to know which bugs are related to one another. While it’s true that ants and termites look similar, they don’t belong to the same insect group. Ants are part of the Order Hymenoptera while termites belong to families within Order Isoptera.

3.Myth: Deforestation can destroy termite colonies and reduce their numbers.

Truth: While termites are often driven out because of deforestation, this actually has the opposite impact. Once their natural habitats are destroyed, termites begin to look for new homes and food sources. This means they spread to nearby wooded areas or they seek shelter and food in houses that have been put up after deforestation.

4.Myth: It isn’t hard to identify a termite infestation.

Truth: While you might think that termites are easy to identify, seeing how they eat through the wood in homes, most of the time this damage is being done in hidden places, silently. There are not very many warning signs until a good deal of damage has already been done. This means the average homeowner might not notice them until they've been inside for a while.

5. Myth: Termites can eat concrete as well as wood.

Truth: While eating through wood makes termites strong, they don’t have the ability to eat concrete. But termites can still get through concrete to wood by using small cracks in the concrete. While concrete might make it more difficult for them to reach the wood, it isn't always impenetrable.

6. Myth: Once your house has been treated for termites, it doesn’t need to be treated again.

Truth: While it might be easy to think that you only have to have your house treated for termites once, this isn’t how it works. Having routine termite inspections plays a huge role in protecting your home. It’s recommended that you schedule a termite inspection once a year in order to detect an infestation before damage has been done.

7. Myth: It’s easy to get rid of termites on your own.

Truth: Termites can be hard to identify and also hard to get rid of on your own. The most effective way to protect your Conroe home from termites is to contact the pest control professionals at Bill Clark Pest Control for routine inspections. With over 60 years of experience, you can trust us to get rid of an infestation quickly and efficiently.


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