November 26, 2019

Little Mice Getting The Best Of Beaumont, TX Residents

A little mouse isn't a big deal, right? We're sorry to tell you, a mouse in the house is far from a small problem. Let's take a look at some of the many issues that can arise from having a tiny little mouse running around your Beaumont house.

mouse eating bread beaumont in texas

Mice Make Holes

When a mouse nibbles on your weatherstripping or door sweeps and makes a tiny dime-sized hole to squeeze in through, that hole can be used by other pests. Cockroaches, centipedes, spiders and a long list of other pests that use existing holes to get into homes will take quick notice of holes created by mice.

Mouse holes don't only let other pests into your home, they can also let rainwater in. This can damage the wood of your home and lead to wood rot. It can also allow mold, fungi and mildew to get in. These can cause illnesses to develop.

Mice Damage Stored Items

When a mouse gets into your attic spaces or other storage areas, they will make smaller homes inside boxes, furniture and other items that have been stored away for safekeeping. They damage items by chewing holes in them and contaminated them with feces, urine and parasites.

Mice Chew On Building Materials

If you have mice in your home, you're going to have damage to your insulation, sheetrock baseboards, wallpaper and other building materials. Mice damage these items as they make pathways and gather materials for their nests. They're also known to chew on wiring. If a mouse severs a live wire in your home, this can lead to a house fire.

Mice Make Holes in Food Products

Cardboard, paper and thin plastic is no match for a hungry mouse. A little mouse will make short work of food packaging, and when they get inside, they contaminate the food with the harmful bacteria, parasitic worms and other harmful organisms found in their fur and in their feces. It is gross but true. Mice get into some very dirty places and this makes them a threat for diseases.

Mice Don't Come In Alone

A single mouse can have as many as a hundred seed ticks on its body. If a mouse enters your home, the ticks are going to fall off and search for a larger host. If they choose one of your pets or they choose to attach to you or someone in your home, it could lead to serious illness.

There are many problems rodents cause homeowners and families in Beaumont Texas. If you're dealing with mice, call the bugsperts at Bill Clark Pest Control. When it comes to controlling Beaumont pests, you won't find anyone more qualified. Reach out to us today for immediate assistance. We're here to help. 


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