December 23, 2020

Is It Dangerous To Have Fleas In My Conroe Home?

There are so many different problems and responsibilities in our lives, we are quick to disregard the ones that we think won’t affect us. Fleas are a great example. Most pet owners think that fleas are just another nuisance to their animals, like the tiny dog across the street, the lid on the dog food container, and the mailman. People who don’t have pets don’t worry about incurring a flea infestation in their Conroe homes. Pets are the only way that fleas can get into a house…right? Well, the more you learn about fleas, the more you’ll realize that both those ideas are wrong, and how believing them could lead to some serious problems.

a flea jumping from pet hair

The Dangers Of Fleas

Since fleas are such a common problem for both pet owners and non-pet owners alike, most people don’t think they’re a big deal. How about we dispel that rumor right off the bat? Fleas are actually one of the more dangerous home-invading pests in the world. Their ability to carry and spread bacteria to anything they come into contact with makes them a danger to both animals and humans. As they hop around your house, they’ll contaminate your frequently touched surfaces, your furniture, and your food preparation areas. This puts you at risk to incur dangerous diseases like typhus, plague, and more. Plus, they can infect your pet with diseases that might wind up harming you, such as the “cat scratch disease”.
Allowing fleas to hang around your house for a long period of time greatly increases your risk of illness, so recognizing the signs early is crucial. For pet owners, a flea infestation is almost always manifested in excessive itching and scratching from your animals. If you don’t own an animal, you’ll have to keep a closer eye out. When an infestation is bad, you’ll be able to see fleas hopping up off of the carpet or from your carpet to your curtains.

Crucial Prevention Points

Once fleas are in your home, it can be very difficult to get rid of them. However, following prevention guidelines strictly might give you a chance to keep them out. First, you’ll need to understand how fleas get in. Fleas can cling on to anything to hitch a ride into your house including you, your pets, or other forms of wildlife like rodents or raccoons. That’s why every home is at risk for flea infestation, not just the ones with pets.
When fleas latch on to a suitable host, they’ll immediately lay eggs before jumping off. Unfortunately, that means your dog or cat might be bringing flea eggs in from the yard without even bringing the fleas in themselves. Once these eggs fall off your pet, they’ll hatch inside your home, and the infestation has begun.
If you want to avoid this dangerous situation, here are the best forms of flea prevention that you can take care of yourself:

  • Clean, vacuum, and mop the floors regularly.

  • Brush your pets outside to rid them of fleas and flea eggs.

  • Reduce factors in your yard that attract other forms of wildlife. Rodents, raccoons, and deer are often the first ones to carry fleas onto your property.

  • Get your pets treated with veterinarian-approved flea and tick medications.

This list is pretty comprehensive, and it should be effective. But we can’t put our official stamp of approval on it. When it comes to the dangers of fleas, we don’t like leaving anything to chance. The best form of flea protection is with a collaborated effort between your vet and our professional pest control technicians. Call Bill Clark Pest Control today to keep your home and family safe from fleas and other pests.


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