October 5, 2021

How To Keep Sugar Ants Off Of My Beaumont Property

Living in Texas puts homeowners at risk of dealing with sugar ants.  These pesky bugs are relentless in their search for food and water, so more times than not, they wind up inside homes.  Learn how to keep sugar ants off of your Beaumont property with the help of Bill Clark Pest Control.

Pharaoh ants crawling on food.

All About Texas Sugar Ants

Sugar ants are not a specific type of insect, rather a term used in Texas to describe groupings of similar types of ants. Saying there has been a sugar ant spotting could mean any number of these small ants may be present, not necessarily one particular sugar ant species. 

Most of the bugs known as Texas sugar ants may bite but are relatively harmless overall and do not have an aggressive nature. When bitten, victims may not even experience any pain. However, one type of ant is commonly labeled as a sugar ant that is not sweet at all; the Pharaoh ant. 

All About The Pharaoh Ant

Named from incorrect theories that this insect was one of Egypt’s plagues from ancient times, the Pharaoh ant is a troublesome pest to expel from homes. This kind of ant is small and shaped liked most other ants with six legs and two antennae. The color is distinct, ranging from pale yellow to reddish or light brown. The abdomen can be much darker in color, even black.

The Pharaoh ant is responsible for spreading various infections, including diarrhea, colitis, cellulitis, rheumatic fever, strep throat, scarlet fever, and impetigo. These dangerous pests can also carry Staphylococcus, which can lead to food poisoning or boils. This bacteria can also cause staph infections that develop into life-threatening conditions.  

Another nasty habit of the Pharaoh ant is breaking and entering, especially in buildings like hospitals. These ants can be an everyday sight in Texas hospitals because they are searching for food and water, specifically from patients. These filthy insects have been found feeding off burn victims’ wounds, consuming liquid from patients’ mouths, and invading IV bottles.

Preventing Sugar Ants

Uncovering some of the devastating effects that so-called sugar ants can unleash, can begin a train of thought surrounding how to keep sugar ants off of your Beaumont property.  Block these nasty bugs from the home before an infestation occurs using these preventative measures:

  • Clean Up: Deter sugar ants by tidying any messes left behind from any food. Get rid of particles by frequently wiping down prep space, sweeping crumbs away, and mopping floors with a disinfecting solvent. Seal up trash and remove garbage bags from the home regularly. 
  • Maintain Yard: Take steps to ensure shrubs and trees near the dwelling are cut back and trimmed. Remove leaf debris and stow any firewood at least 20 feet from any part of the home.  
  • Prevent Entry: Doors, windows, baseboards, garages, and crawl spaces may have plenty of cracks or gaps for sugar ants to use as entry points. Seal such places with caulk; weatherstripping may also be an option.
  • Reduce Moisture: Another ant attractant is water. Repair any leaks around the house and ensure no drips are occurring outside. A dehumidifier can help control excess moisture.
  • Store Food Properly: Transfer food from original packaging to containers with lids that seal tightly to limit access.

Infestation Be Gone

Still pondering ways how to keep sugar ants off of your Beaumont property? The most effective means to quickly control a sugar ant infestation is to seek professional assistance. Our highly trained staff at Bill Clark Pest Control can handle ant infestations efficiently so that Texas households can stay safe.


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