May 12, 2021

How Bed Bug Infestations Start In Montgomery Homes

As much as we may like to hope otherwise, pest infestations can strike anyone and anywhere. Bed bugs prove time and time again how infestations can happen to anybody, which is why every homeowner needs to be vigilant when it comes to prevention and response. Here is your one-stop-shop for all you need to know about bed bugs.

bed bug infestation

Bed Bugs: Everyone’s Problem

People often think that bed bugs only turn up in dirty or mismanaged homes and businesses, but the truth is these parasites are attracted by one thing and one thing only: humans to feed on. Bed bugs puncture our skin while we sleep and draw the nutrients they need directly from our blood. It’s this behavior that makes mattresses and sheets such an attractive target for bed bugs since they are items that we reliably use every night when we go to sleep. But bed bugs can be found just about anywhere inside of a home. Frequent targets include clothing, furniture, curtains, and even carpeting. This is why it’s important to regularly inspect your home -- or, even better, have experts do it for you -- so that bed bug infestations don’t have the chance to grow out of control before you even notice them.

How Bed Bugs Spread Around

The other thing people don’t usually realize about bed bugs is how mobile they are. While they are too small to transport themselves very far with their own legs, they are masters at hitching rides on people, pets, and contaminated items. By clinging to hair, skin, and fabrics, bed bugs can get from one place to the next, all by relying on the movement of their hosts. This is how certain places -- ones with lots of people and items around -- act as hotspots for bed bug activity, allowing them to spread from these areas into people’s homes.

  • Hotels: Businesses with lots of mattresses make for attractive targets for bed bugs, which is why hotels often struggle with outbreaks. You should inspect the mattress, box spring, and other bedding in your room before settling in.
  • Transit stations: Airports, train, and bus stations are all hotspots, too. Avoid putting your luggage on the ground in these areas to reduce the risk of picking up bed bugs.
  • Hospitals: Another business with plenty of beds and sheets to infest, hospitals are also hotspots because thousands of people pass through them every day, from a range of homes and workplaces. Bed bugs spread when this many people interact.

How Infestations Can Start

Aside from being smart when you’re in hotspots, you also have to understand that you might pick up bed bugs and not even know it. That’s why it is important to regularly inspect your property, and especially second-hand or long-stored items.

  • Furniture: Used furniture like couches, chairs, and ottomans may be infested with bed bugs, so you should inspect these things carefully before buying them or bringing them inside your home.
  • Clothing: Second-hand clothing, including coats and scarves, are another common item for bed bugs to contaminate. Cleaning and drying them on high heat before use will help ensure that any hidden bed bugs or eggs on them will die off.
  • Appliances: Yes, even non-upholstered or non-fabric items can be havens for bed bugs. Used appliances can also be contaminated and should be checked thoroughly for peppery bed bugs or their off-white eggs.

Call The Experts At The First Sign

Because bed bugs can invade your home in so many different ways, it’s impossible to reduce your risk of infestation to absolute zero. Since any property can be a target, every property owner needs to make sure they’re doing all they can to lower their risk and quickly clamp down on infestations. The best way to do that is with help from Bill Clark Pest Control. Our friendly staff can provide you with more tips on how to not track bed bugs in. If an infestation is already there, you need the proven solutions of experts, which is the only way to guarantee that every bed bug, and the eggs that will hatch into the next generation of pests, are completely eliminated.

To truly avoid tracking bed bugs into your home, get started on proper pest control today by calling Bill Clark Pest Control.


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