February 13, 2020

Being Proactive Against The Ticks In Beaumont

The time for seasonal pests is rapidly approaching Beaumont homes once again, which is why these blood-sucking bugs should be a cause for alarm even this early in the year. 

a dog tick crawling on a residents skin

The average Beaumont resident is likely to come into contact with a tick as soon as the weather remains stable (over fifty degrees). These pests aren’t planning to mess around: without a host body to latch onto and a significant blood meal, reproduction will become nearly impossible for the tick. This is one of the biggest reasons why these dangerous six-legged hazards will be fighting hook and crook for a chance to bite you, your family, or your loved ones. 
Common types of ticks around the Beaumont area include the American dog tick, the Lonestar tick, and the nefarious Gulf Coast tick. Unfortunately, these pests are a year-round problem due to the mild winters and high humidity levels common to the Southeast Texas area. Now more than ever, homeowners need to be on their guard against tick hiding locations, as well as their potential diseases.

Do Ticks In Texas Carry Lyme Disease?

No matter in what state they are located, ticks can carry a host of bacteria and diseases. Many of these, including Lyme disease, have the potential to inflict serious pain, illness, and even death. A short list of diseases can carry:

  • Lyme’s Disease
  • Ehrlichiosis
  • Anaplasmosis
  • Heartline Virus Disease

Tick-borne illnesses will only manifest if the insect has remained on the body for more than twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Removing the tick (including its head) will lower your chances of infection. Simply use a rubber glove with a spot of dish soap, firmly rubbing the liquid into the tick. After a few seconds, the insect will be unable to breathe and will release its hold, allowing you to kill and dispose of it. If the tick has been on your body for longer than twenty-four hours, it is recommended to save the specimen for analysis should unusual symptoms occur.

How Do I Prevent Ticks From Getting In The Yard?

Homeowners are likely to come into contact with ticks in one of three areas:

  • Tall grass 
  • Overgrown shrubbery 
  • Wooded areas

As long as long-sleeved clothing, insect repellents are used, ticks will not have much of an opportunity to latch or bite.
A few ways to make your yard less attractive to ticks and the wildlife that may be transporting them include:

  • Mowing the lawn frequently
  • Trimming back trees and shrubs
  • Getting routine flea and tick pest control through a profession pest control company

To evaluate your lawn and discover the reasons behind your tick infestation, request your free inspection from Bill Clark Pest Control now.

The Bill Clark Bugsperts Banish Baleful Beaumont Bugs

Ticks are a scary presence here in Beaumont, but finding adequate pest control for your lawn should never be. For ultimate tick control, contact the professionals at Bill Clark Pest Control today.


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