a daddy long leg spider crawlong along a large thin web inside of a beaumont texas home window frame

Do You Have an Abundance of Daddy Long Legs Spiders in Your Beaumont Home?

November 8, 2019

Does it seem like every time you look up in the corner of your family room or pull back your shower curtain there’s a daddy long leg spider hanging out there?  An abundance of daddy long legs in your home can signal a larger pest problem since daddy long legs feed on other pests. While daddy long leg spiders are relatively harmless, most of us don’t want to live with an abundance of them in our Beaumont homes! If you are plagu...

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a brown recluse spider spinning its web inside of a beaumont texas home

The Misunderstood & Often Misidentified Brown Recluse Spider

October 25, 2019

There are about 3,000 identifiable species of spiders in the United States. Of these spiders, only two of them are considered dangerous: the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider. While black widows are recognized by their signature red hourglass marking, brown recluse spiders are often misidentified. ...

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a brown recluse spider crawling along a stone wall in a beaumont texas basement

Avoiding The Painful & Dangerous Brown Recluse Bite In East Texas

September 13, 2019

Brown recluse spiders are among the few poisonous spiders that live in East Texas. These spiders rarely bite humans, but they can still be dangerous and are certainly a frightening pest! Here’s how to identify brown recluse spiders and their bites, and what to do if you have them living in your home....

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a long legged hairy wolf spider crawling along a wooden beam in a texas home

How Texas Homeowners Can Keep Spiders Out Of The Kitchen This Summer

July 24, 2019

In life, all living creatures seek out food to survive. Lions stalk through tall grass to hunt for caribou and bear wade through rivers to catch salmon. Even humans will travel whatever distance is necessary to buy food. Every creature has a food attraction; the question is what attractions are drawing spiders into your home?...

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